Tuesday, September 17, 2013

fundraising mode

Adoption-related goodness:

We are still #13 on the list, just to get that tidbit out on the table.

However, we are officially in fundraising mode. I cannot give you details until things are a bit more solid, but we met with a great group of people on Sunday after church to go over initial planning details (after which I'm certain most of the group members went home asking, "Why are they adopting another kid? Their first two are crazy enough as it is!")

I will tell you this: Keep your calendars open for early December. We think we are going to have an event you'll truly enjoy, not just in that "It wasn't really all that fun but it was for a good cause" type of way.

Here's what I'm asking YOU to help me with: We need products, service vouchers, and possible food and/or drink donations for this event. If you make something cool, sell something awesome (31 Bags, anyone?), take professional photographs, manage a store, style hair, or have connections to anyone who does, PLEASE let me know via email (lotzfam@att.net). We would love to share your goods and services with a large audience and give you credit where it's due. Who knows, this might even give you a bit of extra business (maybe??). We would like to put together some amazing gift baskets for our event.

That's all I have for now, but come back later in the week for more details!

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