Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Closer to Congo

Last night I was looking at some stats from the blog. We hit 401 readers yesterday, which is absolutely nuts to me, but crazy-awesome. I think probably half of those people are reading because we have such amazing parenting methods (scoff, scoff...).

Or maybe they are checking in to see an uodated pic of Breckie's vampire teeth. (Yeah, whoa.)

Or, it's possible people are reading to see how cute (and tough, obviously) this kid is:

But it's probably more likely that people are reading because of the Congolese adoption. 

And now I have proof. This is a map indicating the countries of the blog readers. Do you see which one is now green? Yep, Congo! It's like that world over there exists more concretely in my mind, and I'm even more connected to it now. And the people who are reading the blog from there MIGHT have a direct connection to our future Little(s)! THAT is amazing. 

It's a big world, but it gets smaller and smaller every day, and I'm okay with that. 

Also, since we're on the topic of the world, I wouldn't hate to have this wall decal (from decoryiurwall/Etsy) in my house. Isn't it COOL?! I just know we want our kids to have a global perspective, so this might make it into the Lotz home at some point. 


  1. Just a little smile from France
    For more green in your map...
    XOXO frikadel