Monday, September 2, 2013

at the end of the day

At the end of the day, Brad and I usually have about 15-30 minutes with or without the boys to discuss its happenings. Last Friday I was telling Brad about my particularly annoying and long Friday, in which I re-did a tournament schedule for the third time due to continually changing circumstances and I also experienced several other annoying situations that just come with work (I get it...things just get crazy wherever you work, so although I work at what I believe to be the best school district with the best leaders in SW MO, possibly all of Missouri, I still experience one of "those days" every now and then.) This day was so particularly frustrating that I actually had a nightmare about it Saturday night. Goodness.

So, we got home Friday night after eating out (no food in the house...shocking, I know), put Brecken to bed, started straightening out the crazy-unorganized house, and opened the mail. I opened what I thought to be a card of some sort from our friends. And it was. It was a really cool card that was painted in Africa.

But it was also a check. For $7,500. Yes, you read the number of digits correctly. If that number seems familiar, it might be from this post last week.


It came with this explanation. I will not include names because I know they don't do this sort of thing for recognition; they do it because God has blessed them to be a blessing.

"We just wanted to encourage you to keep 'Dreaming Big' and let you know we are praying for you and your newest family member(s)! Tuesday night I was reading your blog and updating (husband) on your #15 status...and new expense. I thought immediately after I read it like God was telling me we needed to help and (husband) said, 'I was just praying yesterday about who/where we should give!' So there you have it. God is funding what He favors. He always shows up, doesn't he?"

So then I started crying. Just a few tears, you know. (I'm not really a crier, people, so I feel the need to fess up here. Also, PS: We are now at #13 on the list!)

We were shocked and amazed. Speechless even. The thing is, this isn't even the first time these people have shown up in such a grand way. They passed their blessings on to us during our first adoption, too, and we couldn't have been more thankful then, nor could we be more thankful now. So thank you, friends. Thank you to those special friends who gave in such a grand way, and thank you to everyone else who is giving and who have given in their own seemingly smaller but equally as grand ways. We are continually in awe of the people God has in our lives and what he does through them. 

Our friends understand the sacrifices--financial or otherwise--involved in adoption, and they support us in any way they are able. Not all of our friends can write us a check for $7,500, and that is definitely not what we expect, but those who can't do that have been amazing prayer warriors, emotional supporters, and givers of time, money and resources. We know some people can't afford to give us anything, and that is okay, but that is also what's so truly touching about their gifts. They trust God that this is what He's asked them (and us) to do. To our amazing friends: We are so thankful for all of you, and we recognize the sacrifices you've made for us and our children. (This thanks goes to our nannies, too, who have had to work a bit more to allow us to work a bit more.)

At the end of the day, the frustration I had felt for hours seemed completely irrelevant in light of all God had in store for us that night. 

Please let me encourage you: If you are blessed, it is for a purpose. (The same is true if you are not blessed, financially speaking, but that's not where I'm going with this for now). Have a little extra? Pray about what God wants you to do with it. Our friends could have added on to their house, taken an amazing trip, or bought a new toy with that amount of money, but they allowed God to use them to show up in a grand way for us and what He's called us to do. We will not be able to repay our friends and families for their amazing gifts and support, BUT we will be praying about where to give in the midst of this adoption--if we are asked to do so--as well as after we complete this adoption (or possibly another two or three, right Brad?). 

I do not say all of this in hopes that you'll give to us; I say it because our friends have an eternal purpose at heart and, at the end of the day, that is life-changing in more ways than one. 

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