Wednesday, September 25, 2013

After the call...

Welp, we are still breathing in and out from the after-effects of our big announcement yesterday. The "nannies" didn't know about the referral until yesterday when I posted the blog, so upon finding out they and Brody did some running around and yelling with excitement in the yard and making chocolate-covered waffles to celebrate while Brad and I were at school.

Then I got this picture from one of them: 

Brad got me a new wall map (made of county flags) for my birthday. He is great at taking hints. The map came in handy, as Brody was able to point to where his brother and sister lived (with help, of course). 

We had nearly 1,000 views on the blog yesterday. We are so thankful for the support and encouragement of our friends and family. I did a little re-calculating based on TWINS (!!) and some new fees that have been added to our agency's Congo program due to significant changes in adoption proceedings in DRC. 


Honestly, this looks undoable. Incomprehensible. Impossible. Ridiculous. CRAZY. 

At this point I have to remind myself of this: "But God."

It looks impossible, BUT GOD. 

So we are TRUSTING that He will provide. 

At this point I should also tell you more about the process: We aren't really sure when we will get these babies home with us, but from what I understand it will be about a year before we can go get them. We do know that they need your prayers for HEALTH and safety. I know of too many heartbreaking situations where children have died for minor health conditions that are absolutely treatable in the States but can be life-threatening in Congo. With that in particular in mind, the waiting process will be extremely difficult. 

So, here are some ways you can support us in this journey:

1 -- Pray. Pray for health and safety for our son and daughter, and for the health and safety of the others in the orphanage. Pray for MIRACLES that would allow them to come home to us sooner rather than later. Pray for wisdom and strength as we continue through this process. It could be a LONG process. We cannot do it alone. Please continue to pray for us when this is complete, because adoptions definitely don't end with the Gotcha Day. There are adjustment periods, and we have heard of some TOUGH adjustment periods. Also, our family has some HUGE decisions to make that relate to us after the adoption, and we need wisdom to make those decisions, too. 

2 -- Encourage. We are on a high right now. We have just learned of our new son and daughter, and I would like to go out and buy those cute little matching outfits that every set of twins is obligated to wear at least once. We are PUMPED! But, there will be days in the coming weeks and months when this process will seem very burdensome and difficult. We will be tired of the wait. We will need your encouragement and your understanding as we go through it. We've never done this before (internationally), so we have only heard of the heartache involved in waiting, but we know it will be rough. We need some smiles and some "You KNOW this is God's plan and He will provide what you need" talks. 

3 -- Give. We obviously have a lot of bills to pay at this point. I added up at least $28,000 that is technically due RIGHT NOW. Oh my. We need monetary donations as well as item and service donations for our event and silent auction. If you know anyone who might be able to donate anything that might help, please contact me! If you would like to make a monetary donation, please hold off on it for a second as I research matching grants and tax-deductible donations. (And if you know anything about either one of those options, please shoot me a message as well. We want to be as efficient and cost-effective with money as possible. I haven't had time recently to do much research to find sibling/matching grants; we are right in the middle of coaching two high school sports seasons and trying to sell a former rental house! Oh, Lord, your timing is hilarious...)

PS -- More details to come regarding the big live music and fresh food event. Just be sure to save the date for December 2!!


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