Thursday, August 15, 2013

WHW 9 (on Thursday)

Volleybal preseason began this week, so my time in blogworld might be limited as I prepare for and experience a fun volleyball season. I don't foresee having much time to blog, but things could get interesting in the adoption world, so I'll try to keep this as updated as possible. Mostly because of this:

That's our official copy of our home study approval. Quick timeline:

Tuesday: Received word via email that Georgia finally got back to us about the last document, then received word that our home study was approved. 
Wednesday: Received the PDF version of our home study. (Post-home study grant applications, here I come!)
Thursday: Received mailed copy of home study with instructions for filling out our I-600A. Also received an email that our home study had already been translated (!) due to an unforeseen opening in the translator's schedule. 
Tomorrow: Will send in I-600A application to USCIS, along with a $1060 check for fees. Also, must pay $250 to our agency for the translation of our home study. 

Things are moving along!

On the home front, I was sick sick sick yesterday. Fever, chills, aches, sore throat, the works. So sick I made a call in to Dr. Mom, and she came to take care of the boys. After I'd slept a bit, she woke me up after a few hours to tell me Brecken seemed sick, so I called the real doctor and she trekked him into town for a spur-of-the-moment appointment. Ear infection (with a red throat and a swollen lymph node). My mom even drove to the pharmacy to get his medicine and then bought Brody and I some supper. 

Poor Brecken. And poor Brody, because he sometimes gets less attention when Brecken needs extra love. 

Since we had some scheduling issues in the childcare department and Brecken needed some one-on-one attention from whomever could watch him, I took Brody to volleyball practice today. He loves "balleyball," and he was in absolute heaven the whole time. Lots of girls to give him attention, some high school managers to play with, volleyballs everywhere, hoops everywhere, cookies from the secretary. What a life! Seriously, I think it was the best time he has had in a long time. My volleyball girls were absolutely great with him, and he was perfectly content to chase the manager around for hours. Such a fun boy! (I don't think Brecken missed out on anything, as he go to hang out with his own ladies today. Emily--one of the "nannies'--took him to meet a few of her friends...heaven!)

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