Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WHW 11

A look at our semi-color-coded schedule for the next few weeks. (Yes, I still buy a planner, and I try to color-code it until I reach a day when I don't have the right color and I have to write something down. The planner is quite possibly the most thrilling purchase I make all year. NERD ALERT.)

Black=My VB stuff (coaching)
Green=Brad's softball stuff (coaching) 
Blue=My school stuff 
Pink=Fun stuff

We leave for school at 6:30 am and have practice after school every day until 5:30/6:00 with frequent weekend tourneys or events. When we coach in weeknight games, we usually don't get home until AT LEAST 9 pm (often 10 or after). Brad has class scheduled 5:30-9:30 on Wednesday nights, and we are signed up to host small groups for college kids on Sunday. 

Sooo, not a lot of family time happening in the next two months, huh? Our poor kids...makes me feel pretty awful, actually. We don't really see them in the morning and they go to sleep around 8:00, so I see them for a little over an hour at night, if anything. 

I miss my boys (all three of them) already, but this is just a season in our lives so we will enjoy the moments we get with our boys, our teams, and each other while we have them. 

Thank you, Lord, for this life, crazy as it may be. 

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