Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WHW 10

A quick post. 

Adoption update: I600a with $1060 went out in the mail yesterday. Express mail to Texas. We will now wait for our USCIS fingerprints to be scheduled and to hopefully get our approval letter. Plenty of grants to work on and send off in the mail in the meantime, though, don't worry! 

We teachers went back to school today. My day started with two crying babes getting upset that I was leaving, so that was a bit rough, but I couldn't spend much time being sad about my boys (they love the nannies anyway, so that helps) with so much to get done at school and with such great people counting on me to be at my best. I cannot say enough good things about my school district...The leadership, the facilities, the support staff, the other teachers and coaches; all are class acts, and I am so proud to be a part of it all. I really truly am. 

So we are off. 2013-2014 school year here I come, bleary-eyed and stressed as I may be. There's kind of a lot going on, and the beginning of every year always leaves me a bit breathless and trying to catch up until about January, when I slow down just long enough to get behind again. But oh well. If anything, God has taught me to work through stress and to survive in busy and overwhelming situations. 

It's funny, because just as I start to get frustrated and tired of dealing with the few kids who are okay with being a bit selfish or a bit lazier than I desire (and aren't we all at times), God reminds me of the great and amazing kids who go above and beyond, who I never have to question or remind to do what's right because they are true diamonds who are going to "always do their best and always do what's right." I am thankful to have a lot of those diamonds, both on the volleyball team and in my classes, and I'm thankful for the reminders that a lot of them exist. It's like a healing ointment to know that for each of the difficult kids there are a lot who are amazing. (We served at Convoy of Hope last night, by the way..such a great group of girls serving with such a great organization! And my other two coaches, so amazing!!)

But enough about school. Let me brag on my pastor for a bit. He has a congregation of THOUSANDS and has taken the time to not only host a group of college students in he and his wife's own home but also to write a personal recommendation letter to the grant committees with whom we are applying for adoption grants. He is the type of guy who goes out of the way to make people feel special and cared for, even in his huge congregation where no one would question him if he just said a vague "hello, how are you?" to congregation members instead of "Hi Jenny, how are things looking in your planner?" (Because he knows I thoroughly enjoy and carry an organized planner.)

So, if he can lead thousands in a very personal way, it gives me hope that I can lead my 36 volleyball players and coaches and my 150 or so students in a more personal and encouraging way than I'd ever imagined. I've always wanted to do so, but it's almost like I had to have proof that it can be done and it can be done while still spending time with family. Now I have proof, so it's time to get it done.  

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