Thursday, August 22, 2013

my tight pants

(Warning: Curse word at 1:41)


Brad's family (uncle and cousins, to be precise) is a wee-bit obsessed with the video above. They may or may not watch it weekly...I can't be sure.

While on vacation with them a while back, I bought some pants at Wal-Mart. They were colored skinny pants, which I rarely wear, but they were made in pretty colors, warm for cooler nights on the beach, and super cheap so I gave them a shot. When I brought them to the front of the store and showed Brad's family, they immediately said, "You got your tight pants on?" and started singing the song from above.

(Sidenote: Those pants are now at the very top of my favorite pants list. They might not look great on me, but whatever. Comfy trumps cute in my book.)

So Tuesday night I put "my tight pants on" and Brad started singing the song. Brody thought it was hilarious, so we showed him the video (and talked loudly over the cursing portion to cover it...the kid repeats everything these days). He LOVED the video, and yesterday asked to see "those boys dancing again." I showed it to him, and he's been doing some dancing of his own:

Rock and rolla ayatollah.

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