Monday, August 26, 2013

Congo adoption update

A quick update for the evening:

We are now #15 on the Congo adoption waiting list. I woke up at midnight on Saturday and couldn't sleep, so I checked my email to find a bunch of info from our agency regarding the adoption, so I had even bigger reasons to not sleep.

I'll share a bit of the condensed version here.

We are 15th on the list, meaning several families are ahead of us "in line" for being referred (matched with) a child or children from Congo. The agency usually refers 3-4 kids each month starting in August, with anywhere from 1-6 children coming into care with the foster families our agency works with in Congo. Some of the families ahead of us on the waiting list have requested or are at least open to siblings or accepting a referral for more than one child at a time. Preferences for boys and girls are pretty much equal (we are open to either), but we are the only family on the list that is open to a 5-year-old, and about the 4th or 5th ones on the list open to a 4-year-old. Honestly, it would be difficult for us to adopt a 5-year-old, due to the fact that the children won't speak English and will need to be intensely taught at home in order to be ready for American kindergarten. We aren't equipped, prepared, or really financially able to do that, so we would have to pray a lot about a referral for an "older child" at this point. But we have done a lot in our lives that we weren't necessarily prepared to do, so I don't doubt God's ability to meet needs if he calls us to do something semi-crazy. (Superfast adoption referral our first time, 9-week-early birth of our younger get the idea.) {Dear God, please do not feel that it's necessary to call me on that just for kicks.} :o)

So what does all this mean as far as timeline is concerned? If all things go "as usual," we can "expect" a referral in about 3.5-5 months (but if we have learned anything, it is to expect the unexpected, so it could be a really quick or really slow process, depending on a number of factors). After that, we can expect it to take about a year for the US and the Congo to investigate the child(ren?) and us and allow us to travel and finally bring our little(s) home. What a long year that will be. One day at a time...

So we've got some waiting to do. In the meantime, I'll just keep checking for any sort of movement on the list (can't wait to see some people get their referrals!), and we have a few sweet fundraisers planned. Dinner and convert with some AMAZINGLY talented musicians. Poker tourney anyone. Panhandling. Yeah, I thought at least one of those might get your attention.

And if you're interested, we are going to put in another order for adoption t-shirts. $15 for one of these in yellow, white or gray. Boom. (Did I mention that I'm pretty sure we owe about $7,500 now that our dossier is complete and translated? Yesssss.....)


  1. Wow Jenny, that timeline seems a lot longer than what we were told. The referral time is fine, but the investigation and Visa process shoul only take about six months. I know every agency is different, and it does depend on where your child is physically located in Congo. We are number 5 on our wait list and may still be waiting 3-6 months. The waiting is tough This will be our fifth adoption, but first from Comfo. I'll be praying for you.

    We did bring a 5-yr old daughter home from Ethiopia and she spoke no English. Within one moth we could understand her needs and within two months she was speaking English like a pro.

    1. This is encouraging! We were recently told that some things have happened in Congo that will add on to the investigation time frame. They are double checking things and making sure to verify the types of people who adopt from there, so that is supposedly why the time frame will be longer now. We shall see. We are planning for a long wait time and hoping for it to be shorter.

      Fifth adoption?! That's so awesome! I will be praying for you all on this new journey as well!