Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A quick post from the car (I'm not driving people) en route to my brother- and sister-in-law's house to prepare for a garage sale this Thursday-Saturday. Yay, garage sales. You all know how fun those are to organize, right?

My head is about to explode with all that's going on in life right now. We are busy, but isn't everyone? 

In addition to the normal SS lesson prep and education coursework each week entails for Brad, he's been meeting with a lot of people from church this week. (I don't know how he does all of this without stressing!) Counseling, leading, fixing the world's problems, you know? So that's kept us busy, meaning that's kept him driving to and from Springfield multiple times a day and it's kept me chasing two kids around while trying to multitask, which puts me in a very pensive mood. You'd think I'd learn and not even try to master tasks while alone, but I just know there's a ton to get done before practice and school start back up and I want to try to get at least caught up before getting ridiculously behind again. (Because I hate getting behind, especially when I come home from practice an just want to hang with the boys.) Brad's heart is in the very right place in discipling people, so I need to get my heart there, too, and do my part to allow that to happen instead of stressing about what is or isn't getting done in our own house. As I type that now, I realize how very selfish that sounds. It is, and I'm working on it. (Honesty, people. I told you it was coming.)

This week, I've also been working with my friend to create an online flea market booth of sorts...Flea for it. 

Also...Working on fundraisers for this adoption. Lots of ideas with little time to get them planned, organized and executed. 

Also, a few more adoption fundraising shirts to deliver, and a few more to order. If you want one, let me know! There's still time. 

Also, we've been communicating with our agency about that last document for our home study. Someone in Georgia is going down. (Not really a threat, people. Relax.)

Also, working on plans for the upcoming vb season and filling out about 35 questionnaires for every journalist in SW Missouri. (Why can't there be a uniform questionnaire for all of them?!?)

Also, water flooded the crawl space in the house we are selling and we need to mow the lot, get rid of some dead bugs, and fix the back door handle. Sorry, realtor, we are way behind. But we are behind in everything so don't take it personally.

Also, had some friends over Monday night. It was fun but three trips to the grocery store and 24 burned Hawaiian Ham Sliders later I've learned a few things: 1--This is why we shouldn't entertain (but we still do); 2--This is why when we do entertain we order pizza; 3--I'm calling it: Oven broilers will be the death of me. 

Also, we've got a couple of sick kids to add to the madhouse, so we are wiping snot from virtually every surface and washing a lot of clothes and sheets. Not to mention the fact that when we entertained on Monday I did, in fact, have dried snot on my shirt from the hours before. Neat. 

At times like this I like to remind myself that this too shall pass, and I'll miss these times when they're gone. I won't really miss the snot, but I will miss the snuggles. This is all-too evident right now, as my summer time with the boys is quickly drawing to an end. I'm trying not to think about it. 

Also, I've solidified my tattoo idea. Sorry Dad. 

That's What's Happening Wednesday.


  1. Girl, what's this tattoo idea? Text me. I'm intrigued. I got mine on the Branson strip. It was oddly liberating. :)

  2. Also, you made this lady's MONTH by leaving a HUGE surprise on her doorstep. Seriously. I owe you like two weeks worth of Andy's and then some.