Wednesday, July 24, 2013


What's Happening Wednesday #6

It's time for my weekly Wednesday post. I'm in Tulsa this week for a vb camp with my high school team, so it's been a bit hectic, but we're having a great time and really, REALLY improving. And we are getting in some great bonding/prank/scare time. :o)

Adoption news: Setback on the home study...After our agency called Georgia's office of family safety (whatever the technical term may be) every day last week, our social worker finally got a callback today from someone who said they didn't have the required paperwork to provide a clearance for the home study. This means our "nanny" will have to redo it and we'll wait again. Ho-hum. (I feel so bad for asking these girls to do all of this stuff for us, but I also know they understand it has to be done.) I had hoped we'd be approved this week, maybe even while I was away at camp. But the wait continues and we can be patient. 

In other news, we had a great weekend at the lake with our friends. Our boys had to go, even though none of our friends brought their own kids, but that was because EVERY OPTION we would normally use for overnight babysitting was unavailable this weekend. Our poor friends had to deal with our whole family...that's a little bit too much "Lotz" for most people, so we're thankful for our friends' grace in accepting all of us. 

We did a little cliff-jumping and after a big head/jaw/neck-ache, I haven't heard anything out of my left ear ever since. No biggie. Now I just feel a little bit of fluid draining around in my ear. I had an athletic trainer here check my eardrum is ruptured, which isn't as big of a deal as one might think but still inconvenient. It will heal and I'll have my hearing back soon, which is the most important thing. 

Also got a little bug bite that swelled up so big I couldn't wear my slip-ons into the afternoon after church. (Don't judge me by my feet, by the way. I hate feet, but most of all I hate my own feet. Check that, I actually like my feet because they've enabled me to do some amazingly fun things; I just hate the look of 'em. I mean, feet are gross. And check out that big toe on my left foot. A little crooked, eh? I was a high jumper, and I think my toe finally gave in and just turned in to get out of the way of my jumping.)

I have been missing my boys, but I know they're having fun with their cousins so that makes it ok (and healthy, really) for me to be gone. I had some FaceTime with Brody last night, and he requested that I "hold you, Mommy," which melted my heart. I'll be happy to get home for some hugs tomorrow night. 

Friday we'll have a little party for Brecken's first birthday. He is such a silly, nerdy, little guy...all fast-twitch muscles and hates to be still for long. A little bit like his mom. 

WARNING: Loads of photos ahead....

This is him eating his birthday cupcake on his actual birthday. He loves sweets almost as much as he loves attention, so he was in heaven. (Note Brody in the background. He actually choked on his cupcake. Now that I think about it, cake is actually pretty easy to get choked up on, especially if you-- like Brody--stuff large bites into your mouth at one time.)

I gave a glimpse of this on Facebook the other day, but let me just point it out again...what a difference a year makes! (Brecken was born 9 weeks early, at 3 pounds, 13 ounces, and stayed in NICU for 5 weeks until doctors were sure he wouldn't "forget to breath" on his own. He went home on a monitor for another month, which we were actually thankful to have...reduced our anxiety about him not breathing.) He's a tough little guy, which is good because Brody loves to tackle him....and Brecken truly loves to be tackled. 

When I look back at some of the following pics, I am actually astounded at how little and frail he looks. I think I was so in love with him (and mentally and emotionally overwhelmed) that I didn't really realize how little he was then. I mean, I knew it intellectually, but I didn't truly realize it until several months later. Brecken was tiny and frail, and I probably should have been a bit more scared for his health and his future, logically speaking. However, I know that the Lord was there with all of us, providing comfort and security--and possibly even keeping me a bit oblivious to the fact that Brecken was so frail and helpless on his own. We were thrilled that doctors were optimistic throughout it all (while still providing us with the truth of the situation), and the nurses made us feel welcome and sure of their knowledge and love for the babies for which they cared. 

This was about an hour after he was born. What a stud he was! Breathing on his own and everything.  


This was a few days later...he "moved up" to an incubator. 

Him looking pretty frail, a little after he'd lost the few ounces of weight that all babies lose in the first few days. 

This is him being a doll! (Hello sweet cheeks!)

Hot dad alert....   ....   ...

And his first day HOME!! 

First few kisses from Big Brother Brody. 

Check back again for some birthday party pics, as well as some updates on upcoming fundraising events. We've

got 'em stirring around all over our brains right now, and we think you'll LOVE a few of them.

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