Wednesday, July 17, 2013


WHW 5 -- What's Happening Wednesday #5

Adoption Update: All documents are finally in for our home study. We have seen the draft of the home study, now just waiting on it to be finalized and approved. Annnddd....this is getting real. Time to get on more of those grant applications. Many of them won't let you apply until after the home study is approved, so we've been at a slight standstill. Time to get rolling.

Here's my list of adoption grants, along with the important info I felt I needed when I did the initial research. We won't apply for every single one, but it does help to see it all out there in an organized grid.

On to some other news: 

I haven't talked a whole lot about our vacation (well, except here and here), but I do feel the need to share a few tidbits about the trip because some of the info might be helpful.

1 -- Road trip with two littles=MUST bring plenty of snacks (i.e. distractions). Squeezie applesauce, goldfish, marshmallows, yogurt melts, suckers, Starburst, crackers, cheese, fruit snacks, juice, more juice, etc. We had it all, and we were glad we had it. My mom packed a bag of snacks with some of Brody's favorites (hence the marshmallows), and we were the most thankful for those snacks, as they were our go-to's after 5+ hours in the car. The boys did SO GREAT on this trip, though. We were in thankful shock. We also brought Brad's laptop so Brody could watch a movie or two. Ended up only needing it for half a movie on the way there and a full movie on the way home. Such good boys!

There was this incident, though, that we have to mention:

Silence is not always golden. (That's squeeze applesauce all over everything, folks.) 

And we did, of course, bring Mommy and Daddy snacks, for when things got a little crazy. (Yes, that is a triple double stuff Oreo. We're crazy like that.)

2 -- A jellyfish sting can be relieved with fancy mustard. Some research by Dr. Katie (Brad's cousin's wife) suggested that vinegar could relieve the sting. However, since we didn't have vinegar on our trip, we used this mustard because we knew vinegar was the main ingredient. (I believe the suggestion to pee on a sting was just some sick joke someone played on a friend and the suggestion went viral even though it doesn't work...we didn't try it, by the way.)

3 -- Bahama Bob's for our 5-year anniversary = A+. Get crab legs and the fish bake. You won't regret it. 

4 -- For swimming, Brody LOVED his new Spiderman floatie. Our friend told us about this new (to us, anyway) type of floatie that straps around the toddler's chest and has arm floaties attached. It allows kids to swim without having a life jacket shoving its way up the kids' jaw. It worked so well, Brody didn't really ever want to leave the pool. And Brecken? The water was bathwater-warm and shallow, so he obviously loved it, too. Splashed around, crawled around, flopped onto his bottom, and grinned. 

5 -- This is what happens when a two-year-old bites it in the sand. 

This is what happens when an almost-one-year old BITES THE SAND. (Brayden is the other little fella might remember him from this post. He's a sweetie, and he and Brecken are tight.)

6 -- The beach makes a boy happy happy happy. And tired.

But mostly happy....

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