Friday, July 26, 2013

this story's true; no sheet

You might have noticed that in one of the pics I posted Wednesday there were no sheets on our bed. (BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN, please go here to see my ugly feet disclaimer.)

Are you ready?

Let me just be frank here. This is pretty much how our bed exists, due to the sleeping habits of a two-year-old and a one-year-old. There's a lot of pee involved, folks.

For example, I got home late last night from a 4-day stay in Tulsa for some volleyball. (We are camp tourney champs, by the way....CHAMPS! Go girls!) Brecken was already asleep (sad!) and Brody was TIRED and a little sickly. He feel asleep in our bed, and since I missed the boys so much we let him stay there all night. Brecken woke up around 1 am, and again, since I'd missed him I brought him to our bed to finish out the night. A little later I noticed his diaper was soaked and his pants were wet so I changed him. However, he kept wiggling around as I changed him--in typical Brecken fashion--and I didn't get the diaper on very tight.

This morning I woke up in a bed of pee. Who was the culprit? It was Brody this time. We didn't make him go potty before bed because he wasn't feeling well, so that's our fault. Should have known better. We stripped him down and let him keep sleeping (sickly boy, remember?) and covered the pee with the sheet, which was already partially wet from Brecken's 1 am wet pants.

As we are covering/soaking up Brody's pee with the sheet, I look over to see that Brecken has just peed out the top of his still loose diaper. Neat.

If you're counting, that's Brecken two, Brody one. Three (THREE!!!) bed-wetting incidents in one night. Gross, I know. But it happens--more often than I'd like but less often than it might seem.

I'm sure you people without kids are absolutely DISGUSTED by the fact that we get peed on in our own bed. JUDGE US but know that your day is probably coming. (wa-hahahahha.) You people who have kids and never let them sleep in your bed because of the bad habits it creates (I know, I know...), JUDGE US if you'd like (I doubt many of you are doing that, right??), but admit that you would love to snuggle your kids in bed (and most of you do), because it is awesome.

Anyway, this explains the bed with no sheets. They are always being washed.

Hey, at least we wash 'em.

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