Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Brekkie!

After we bought "mango baby brekkie" snacks a few months ago, Brecken soon had a new nickname, which has officially stuck past his first birthday. I'm not sure how long it will last; hopefully somewhere close to his 18th birthday.{%22ID%22%3a%22Register%22}

We celebrated Baby Brekkie's first birthday last Friday night with our family at my parents' house. It also happened to be my parents' 45th wedding anniversary. Something tells me they were completely ok with having all of their kids and grandkids at their house to help them celebrate their 45 years of marital awesomeness. (I am telling you, my parents are THE BEST.)

You know how some super-cool moms put together a themed first birthday party, complete with blown-up photos of the child's first year and personalized treats for every guest? I am not that mom. I attempted a relatively themed birthday party for Brody on his first birthday, but after a car accident and a kind of "sick" that I'd never experienced before, I realized that people seemed to have a good time even without the cracker jack boxes and baseball banner that I'd planned to incorporate. So this time, with a lake trip with friends and then a vb camp right before the party, I decided not to stress and just picked out a Sam's cake with fruits, veggies and little homemade Hawaiian Ham Roll Sliders.

(Can I just tell you that this Sam's cake was delicious!?)

Now let's cut to the chase. Here's the cake-eating sequence:

Clean Brekkie.


Started by picking off sprinkles one at a time.
When we realized that strategy would have us watching for
45 minutes, we had Bro help Brekkie see how it was done.
Ok, a little more cake action...

Once he saw the cake underneath he dove right in.

"Guys, this is awesome! Can we do it again tomorrow?"

Annnddd, how about some ice cream on top? Only because he was mad others were eating it and he wasn't.

We knew he'd love the cake after he got going. I have NO IDEA where he got his love for frosting. Ignore the fact that I once created this, a frosting shot:

Anyway, we did what any good parents would do and just threw him (not literally) into the tub, clothes and all, to wash up. And he obviously loved the tub, too! I guess you could say he enjoyed his party and everything about it.

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