Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What we do with poo--Part 2

We put it in the potty. Boom.

One kid out of two is now what some might call "Potty Trained." It was a relatively quick and easy process, really. But it's not because we are stud-parents or anything (as you may already know from this post). I have to be completely honest about this: Brody is a stud. Here's how our potty training went...

1. We got him some cool Big Boy Undies a bit before his 2nd birthday. Against all professional-awesome-mom-bloggers' advice, we let him wear them around home every now and then but switched to diapers when we didn't have time or energy to monitor him every second or harass him by asking if he needed to pee-pee in the potty every 15 seconds. (Keep in mind, we have an infant in da house, and that infant is kind of a diva.) We told Brody the goal was to keep his undies dry and that big boys go pee-pee on the potty, and we even put "Doggie" in undies as well. Yes, I did make Doggie pee-pee in the potty using a cup of water. I also made Doggie pee-pee in his undies and went through an uh-oh scenario with Brody. I felt crazy doing this, but maybe it helped.

2. We didn't push the potty issue. We let him try to go pee-pee on the potty sometimes, but we also put him in diapers for our own sanity. When we were home for a few hours at a time, he wore his undies and practiced telling us he had to go.

3. About three weeks ago, after school had ended and we were home more often, we made the switch to undies 90% of the time. Since it's warm outside and we live in the country, we even let him go pee-pee outside, aiming on pieces of grass or trees or something. PEEING OUTSIDE IS PART OF A LITTLE BOYS' DREAM WORLD. He loved it. Even when we were inside, he asked to go outside. We allowed that for a while, but now that he's got it we have been able to curtail that a bit. There were a few accidents, including some poo on the sidewalk, but not nearly as many as I expected.

One funny story: He went into the kitchen by himself one evening while Brad and I were busy with other odds and ends in the house. Brad remembers looking over as Brody was walking by, but when Brad turned his head toward Brody he grinned and sprinted back to our bedroom closet. Brad assumed he was just being silly Brody, so he didn't say anything. A minute later when I opened the door to the closet, I found him kneeling down with kitchen towels, trying to clean up his pee-pee from the floor. Sneaky little stinker.

4. A few days after almost-full-time potty training had begun, we went to Silver Dollar City with my mom for a little fun day. I put Brody in undies and brought plenty of extra shorts, undies and diapers (in case of extreme regression), just in case it didn't go well. It was his first big outing, and he nailed it. No accidents.

5. What about nighttime? He wears pull-ups, but often wakes with those still dry.

I'm not saying we won't have any more accidents. I can actually almost guarantee that the second I post this we will have a poo incident like I've never seen before, just to keep me humble. However, I'm just saying that he seems to have it figured out, and it's not because of us as parents.

But seriously, how awesome is this kid!?

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