Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's Happening Wednesday, Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of What's Happening Wednesday (and yes, I did steal that title from my school's morning announcements), the weekly post about what's been happening in our adoption and everything else. This is where I'll insert random info that doesn't necessarily warrant a full post but may be of interest to some people out there. Or it may just be of interest to my mom. 

First up, adoption update: Shirts are done, so we will be getting those out to people ASAP. We ended up ordering about 90 (including some extras), and we hope to put in another order after a bit.

Also, Brad and I have FINALLY gotten all documents in to our agency and the girls will be finishing their stuff this week, so the home study should be complete soon. The final document we had to complete was a statement that Banjo (our indoor-turned-outdoor cat) had to be cleared by a vet, which meant we had to make an appointment to get some shots and such. Sounded silly to me, but I get that it's just another safety precaution.  We have a few more things to complete for our dossier, and after the home study is approved we will start another process: filling out grant applications (which are just as lengthy as the home study). Woohoo! 

In other news, Brody and Brecken got new stuffed dogs on Sunday, thanks to my sweet niece's donation to the local Humane Society at a Minor League baseball game. I named Brody's dog "Discombobulated" just to hear him say it. (He doesn't miss a syllable!) We might call him Bob for short...which made me think...we should name Brecken's dog "Hilarious" because it is truly awesome to hear Brody say that name, too, AND we could call him Larry for short. So now we have Bob and Larry (Veggie Tales, anyone?). I am just waiting for my animal-naming privileges to be revoked for being ridiculously nerdy. 

Also, last Wednesday we took Brody to get a haircut. I hated to cut his curls but it was at the awkward point where it just hung out around his eyes without really being curly or cute, just weird and unbrushed. Brad described the cut as the "Euro soccer player look," which the hairdresser didn't understand. Brad tried to describe what the cut does in the back, and the hairdresser looks at me in bewilderment and says, "So you want a mullet?" Yeah, lady, we DO want a mullet, ok? That's what all the cool kids are getting these days. So, he got his hair chopped with a faux-hawk on top and a mullet in the back (I'm not lying, folks!), and he looks good. If there's anyone who can pull it off it's him; however, I have a feeling the back might get a little trim from yours truly. I'm not sure if I can handle the extra length at the back...almost looks fool's tail-ish. (Shout out to Tim Hanna for rocking a wicked fool's tail in middle school. You nailed it, buddy.)

After the cut, Brody got a sucker and we went to Pro Bass (as Brad calls it). Day made. 

And this concludes "What's Happening Wednesday." Come back next week for another life-changing post. 

(Also, remind me to tell you about the time we were hanging out at a relative's condo on the lake, talking about anotherrelative's  new boat and a different relative's pool, then we went to our friend's house, where all of our friends were talking about their lake houses and boats and we realized this: We have no social collateral. Why do people even hang out with us?! I feel that this warrants a full post.)

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