Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Happening Wednesday, 2nd Edition

Time for the second edition of What's Happening Wednesday. 

Adoption Update: somehow Brad's fingerprint results didn't get sent to our agency (or got lost in the mail), so I had to make a few phone calls to get that taken care of. Other than that, we are almost done with paperwork. When fingerprint results come in we'll get them to our dossier coordinator. I also need to get a newer version of our marriage certificate, and we have a few more items to gather from our nannies. Then we are FINALLY done and I can get to work on adoption grant apps, which are just as long as the home study questions in many cases. I'd love to get those done before school and volleyball start. 

Other news: Brecken is getting a personality. Yay Brecken. He still smiles just as much as always, but he's getting a lot more playful and sneaky, which is pretty awesome, even if it means he is obsessed with our bathtub faucet. He also has two canine teeth coming in, which makes him look like a little vampire. 

I took Brody to school with me Monday to get him started in the weight room early. He loved "exercising with the kids" and asked to go back the next day. 

Adoption shirts are in, so we've spent plenty of time sorting shirts and making deliveries. Our boys have helped, obviously, and we have exploited their cuteness by putting them in the shirts every chance we get 

Lastly, we have a little trip in our future...anyone have suggestions for a visit to Gulf Shores?

That's all, folks!