Tuesday, June 4, 2013

sweet summertime

It's summer...and boy did we enjoy it for a few days (until about 7 things went wrong all at once...I'm still in the throes of a few messes so I'd rather escape them by writing about other things for now). Anyway, we did enjoy the summer for a bit, and I'm thankful.

Took the boys to get cupcakes for our first official day of summer, then went for a little play time at the park.

Brody loves seeing other "peoples" and Brecken loves to be seen.

We played in the yard, posed for some pics (I am RARELY in a picture with my boys!), and picked (Brecken might have eaten) some flowers. And don't forget the wrestling.
I just LOVE his sweet smile here. (Showing muscles. )
Brody is in a weird place with his
picture posing. 
Brecken is truly a nerd. An awesome,
happy nerd, but still a nerd. 
All from our own yard. I am pleased! 

Jumping on Brecken's bed. I found him in
there with this guilty face and his hat turned
sideways.  True gangsta. 

Wrestling. Yes, that is SHEER JOY on Brecken's face. 

Can't wait to get this not-so-fun junk (which involves cleaning, scrubbing, painting and entirely redoing a house that we don't live in) out of the way so we can enjoy more time with these boys.

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