Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh yeah, we party hard

You know how there's that rumor that parents stay up to party when their kids go to bed? I guess you could say it's true, at least in Brody's mind.

Around bedtime, we start the lengthy process of getting two Littles to bed. Obviously, we start with a perfectly nutritious bedtime snack. You know, organic carrots or prunes or something along those lines. Then we never forget to brush both boys teeth...Brecken only has two, but the doctor says we are supposed to brush them at least 2 minutes or so, which of course we always do with nursery water and a sanitized fingertip brush. And of course we always patiently help Brody brush his teeth, which the dentist has told us need to be brushed in a clockwise direction for at least 2 minutes with a good amount of pressure but not too much. Then we change diapers and exchange big boy undies for diaper for Brody (or put pullups on him, depending on the amount of fluid he has recently consumed in the last hour. He is what we call a "heavy drinker," so if we do pullups after an evening of heavy drinking we are in for a soggy night.) Next we read together, because we know if we don't read for at least 30 minutes both of our boys will grow up to be illiterate druggy thieves who can't hold jobs will probably end up in jail for a considerable amount of time.

After Brecken has given up the bedtime fight (oh, how he loves to cuddle and would rather be snuggled to sleep!), we take Brody to bed where we say our prayers (which we actually do, unlike several of the tasks above, which can be hit or miss depending on the amount of gas in the tank and daylight remaining). Brody thanks God for MeMaw and PaPaw, Ja-wod, Adam, Addyson, "Chenler," Mason, "Kier-sen," "Ka-en," Wes-ey, A-en, E-tan, Jeff and Che-wy, and MaMaw and PawPaw Chuck). Then we exchange our "I love yous" and kisses and I leave the room, shutting the door behind us.

I head straight to the kitchen to make myself a little treat that only an adult can truly cream with about a 1/2 cup of chocolate syrup). I generally take that treat to my own bed and enjoy it alongside Brad while reading a blog about 7 game changers for parents  or the worst end-of-school year mom ever (which is the sort of stuff I read to make myself feel better about my parenting (dis)abilities). For a while, all is quiet...until I hear the little thump of Brody stepping onto the floor, followed by the pitter patter of not-so-tiny-anymore feet prancing across the bedroom. Then I hear the click of a door knob as he opens and carefully closes the door of his and Brecken's bedroom (presumably to prevent Brecken from hearing the three of us party). Then his little head appears around the corner, his eyes all squinty with the look of determination written in his pursed lips. In his mind, he WILL party with us. Before his eyes can adjust to the light I take one last bite of my highly syruped ice cream treat, then squeeze him tight and walk little man back to bed.

When I get back to my own bed I forget about parental game changers and my ice cream, turn out the lights and check the clock because it feels SOOO late.


Oh yeah...we party hard.

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  1. We just bought a tooth brush for Henry yesterday (still in the package on the table) and the kid has six teeth. Whops. I should get on that.