Friday, May 17, 2013

Lotz to do

I know a lot of you have probably been losing sleep about the fact that I haven't posted in over a week. (Riiight....)

Whatever. :o) I know you all have lives, and if you're anything at all like me your life is moving at the speed of light. A quick post to let you know what we've been up to:

  • Completed our home visit from our adoption agency two weeks ago, and we've been working on finalizing paperwork ever since. (Did you know that pets have to be cleared by a bet for a home study? I had forgotten that, but it's just as silly now as it was the first time we had to do it.)
  • Got our paperwork notarized and our fingerprints done for our home study. Last thing to do is to have a physical, then our part of the home study will be done.
  • Received information about our dossier. I'll share more with you as I get stuff done. It's a decently long list of documents we have to gather and have notarized, so I'm waiting for a day off from work to get on that pretty intensely. 
  • Contacted a t-shirt company about creating t-shirts for an adoption fundraiser and for the volleyball team. I emailed the recommended company early last week and haven't heard back from the them yet, so I might be taking my business elsewhere. (Does that make me impatient or just task-oriented? Let's get things done, people.)
  • Been feeding chickens and scaring off midnight visits from owls. Score so far: Owl-2; Lotz's-0.
  • Been gearing up for the end of the school year, which really means the beginning of volleyball pre-season (starting in June).
  • Brecken's been pulling up every second. He thinks he's big stuff and tries to creep around on the furniture a bit. Pretty funny because he just grins and grins. However, he had ear infections in both ears when we took him in for his last checkup. We detest using meds when we don't have to, so we've been putting garlic oil in his ear to kill the bacteria. We thought we had it beat, but with his second tooth coming in he seems to be pulling on his ear more and more. I finally broke down on my "no-meds" standards and started the amoxicillin we were prescribed several weeks ago. I hate giving and taking unnecessary medicine, but I also think he's battled this thing long enough (and the nannies have battled his less-than-always-happy disposition with the ear pain long enough, too. Not that they ever complain...they are so great!).
    • Does anyone have any other treatment ideas besides garlic oil and hydrogen peroxide? I'd love to hear from you on this! We also give our kids multivitamins and probiotics, sometimes grapeseed extract and acidophilus as well. Celebrated Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo and my nephews birthday all in one. (Multitasking at its finest.) I'm so happy to have an amazing mom and to be a mom to two amazing little Lotz's. Can't wait for the next little feet to enter our crazy Lotz life.
  • Packed up my parents' house and brought home all of my junk from my old bedroom. Trophies, notes from high school and college, class papers, etc. you name it, I probably had it stashed away in their basement. And now it's all in my garage. 
  • Bought a car. Yep, got a Toyota Avalon for a good price from people who turned out to be our neighbors down the road (so we can go bang on their door if the car doesn't treat us right...kidding, we don't plan to do that). We liked the truck, but we must sell it ASAP (so we can submit our dossier with $$$). Since we both travel a decent distant to work the gas prices were KILLING us. 

Need some visuals? More of what we do...
Watch some Pirate baseball games. (Branson Pirates = District Champs!)
Get muddy via the Warrior Dash. (I would play in mud
more often if it was even remotely acceptable for a grown woman.)
Note: Brad's shorts are shorter than mine.

It was FREEZING. Then we went to get sprayed off 
by that water truck behind me. Yowza. 
Take-your-breath-away frigid. 

 I admire his confidence while acknowledging the awkwardness.

Party with the family. 
Love/annoy Banjo (our indoor-turned-outdoor cat)
Clean the floors (since Banjo is now outside and doesn't do it anymore)

Play with goats and new friends
(That's Sveta, and she is awesome! She and her sister were adopted from
Ukraine a while back and her parents are now in the process of adopting her brother. Yay!)
I didn't really see this ending well, but it did. Two charmers, right there. 

The one-handed hold by Brecken. He thinks he's something. 

Oh...wait. What's that? That is our newly-cleaned BRASS faucet in the master bathroom. She's a beaut, I know. We will go ahead and tackle that bathroom to get rid of that brass (and its counterparts) someday when our adoption is complete. For now, we revel in the cleanliness of it. Thanks again to my friend for sending her cleaning lady to my house. She knew I was stressin'/overloaded for a bit there, and boy does a clean house make me happy happy happy!! 

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