Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Home study FYI's

Bradlee and I are going to our agency's office today for Round 1 of interviews for our home study. It's not really a big deal now, because we've done it before, but the first time we went I was extremely nervous. I am a fairly private person, despite the info I share in writing this blog, so my biggest fear would be that they'd ask me questions about myself and my opinions that I didn't want to answer. "What do you think about..." Ahhh! I hate giving opinions. What if my opinion was wrong? What if they determined our house to be too dirty (and our house was pretty clean that first time)? What if they asked me about the worst thing I've ever done or about my deepest darkest secrets? What if they determined that we weren't fit to parent?

When it was all said and done, all of my fears were unwarranted. The home study is simply a test to make sure you're not an extreme weirdo and to make sure your house is safe, not necessarily spotless or awesome. But it does involve a lot of initial paperwork and document-gathering. This pic is of prelim paperwork/info:

Here are some of the questions we had to answer in writing (and possibly explain in greater detail in our interviews): 

How long have you considered adoption?

What made you decide on adoption as a means of expanding your family?

Please provide a brief synopsis of any infertility issues and treatments.

How did you decide on doing an international, Caucasian, trans-racial, etc. adoption?

Describe your specific reasons for choosing the country you have chosen.

How has your family reacted to your adoption plans? Your friends?

How do you feel about the Home Study and Adoption process?

How do you feel about having little information on a child's background and lithe medical information? How do you feel about a child who has been abandoned and no information is available on the child's family history?

Describe the changes you anticipate in your family, with the placement of an adoptive child.

Describe your feelings toward adoption and your projected adjustment to a child placement.

What difficulties do you foresee? Please address expectations, prejudice, testing, attachment, and any other concerns that come to mind.

For International and/or Interracial Adoptions:
Do you have friends or intend to cultivate relationships with those of your child's race or origin?

Do you believe there is a need to stimulate pride about your child's birth family and country of origin? How can you do this?

Would you support a trip back to your child's homeland?

How could you help your child stay connected to his or her culture?

How do you feel about lots of public attention?

Define your acceptance of color ranges available from the country or countries you are interested in adopting from.

For All Adoptive Applicants:
Describe your knowledge of child growth and development and/or your need to learn more in this regard.

Describe your child-caring experiences.

How do you feel about seeking help or assistance with parenting should the need arise?

Describe an effective parent. Describe an ineffective parent.

Describe the traits and skills necessary for being a good parent. Describe yourselves in relation to these traits.

Describe the methods of discipline currently used or that you plan on using.

Compare your disciplinary approach with that of your parents. Specifically address any changes that will be made and the reasons behind these changes.

Describe the individual children in your home.

Describe their school involvement, achievements and/or activities.

Describe your child-care arrangements for children already in the home and for a prospective adoptive child. 

Please discuss any changes from your current arrangement.

Describe your education plan for the adopted child.

Describe your plan for leave time at placement (a minimum of 6 weeks leave for one parent is required).

Provisions for guardianship in case of parental death or disability:

Not too bad, right? Even if it seems like a lot, I assure you: All worth it. 

I'll come back later with an update about the interview process. I barely remember details from the first time around! 

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  1. Praying today goes smoothly! Wish I was there interviewing you :)