Tuesday, March 5, 2013

i think it's a sign

I haven't looked at adoption photolistings in a while...partly because I haven't had much time lately, partly because I know I can't save them all and it hurts my heart, and partly because we aren't quite ready to adopt yet (based on our Earthly logic, which doesn't always correspond well with God's timing and authorship, ka-boom!).

Imagine my excitement, aching heart, joy, LONGING when I looked at one of my favorite pages and found these faces:

Moise...3- or 4-year-old little guy
who is a happy entertainer!
Jenny...(WHAT!? IT'S a sign!!)...Shy little
2-year-old who lights up the room with her smile. 
Leticia...4-year-old little girl with stunning Congolese
beauty! A sweet helper who loves to dance and sing.  

EVERYTHING in my heart wants to adopt them all. EVERYTHING. If we can find a way to do it--Dear God, please orchestrate a miracle or two, or three...AGAIN--we will adopt them all (right Bradlee?), but if that's not the plan, I want you to adopt them. If you're interested, go to: http://www.allblessings.org/.

<<If you are absolutely loaded, go ahead and send us a check for about $90,000 
and we will give all three of them a mommy and a daddy, mmmmkay?>>

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