Thursday, March 21, 2013

getting it done

Last week was spring break in the lotz household, so we had a few things we tried to accomplish in our "free time." However, i always fail to recognize the additional time it takes to complete average tasks with two kids in diapers in the house.

here's the original list from each of us, as determined through email the last few days of work leading up to the break:

brad's list--
till the garden
buy new seed potatoes for garden
get new water tub ready for garden
get battery tested and fixed for mower
fix up the chicken cage (chicks are coming in the next few weeks)

adopt 3 kids from the Congo
clean out garage
sell barnwood (recognize that from my President's Day list? yeah....about that...)
create under stairs storage  ?? (this involves building a support system and cutting through drywall, making a door, etc. a large task for us given our daily routines with the boys.)
taxes (finally got our 2011 refund about two weeks ago)
renew car license
get stuff from my parents' basement (oh wow...I know how to accumulate a lot of junk and paperwork!)
visit amish store (some great prices, particularly on baby food and formula!)

Here's what we actually got done:
cleaned out garage (I wish I had "before" pics because it was ridiculous. My brain doesn't function in disorder very well. Also, as a side note, I LOVE organizing and would do it for money if there was a market for that...)

Brecken helped by hanging out in the carrier. 

sold barnwood beams (a couple drove down from STL to pick them up!)
got a few more tax documents in the mail. did nothing with them, so we should probably get on that.
got some stuff from my parents' basement (i spent a long time going through old letters, barbies, baby dolls, etc.)
tilled garden and planted seed potatoes
cleaned out our closet (not on the list but SO NEEDED!)
sent in paperwork for the very beginning of an adoption process (I'm trying to give myself plenty of time to send it grant applications after our home study update is complete, since we didn't have time to get those in with Brody)
took the boys to a Bears baseball game
played with my boys:

relaxed with my boys after they got tired of playing:

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