Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Nannies' Diaries

(Don't worry, girls, I didn't read 'em.)

Listen, I don't even know if our nannies have diaries, but if they did I bet they would call them "journals," because that's way more mature. And I bet there would funny story or two in those journals about how dumb Bradlee and I are.

Did you catch what I did up there? I casually mentioned that we have not one, but TWO nannies who help us with the boys while we are at work, thus making us sound rich, fancy and unabashedly glamorous. We are absolutely NONE of the above, but we do have two awesome nannies (and one awesome former nanny, who we are happy to say quit for education- and location-related reasons, and not because our boys are nuts).

How do two teachers end up with two nannies? I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with God providing us with our current house, which has three bedrooms and a nice common area in the basement, complete with its own basement-entry door (but the girls come in the front door, which we like). He obviously knew we had another kid on the way long before we ever did, so he was providing us a way to live in the future. And it helps that we have been involved in a pretty great college ministry over the past few years (not as much now, what with the two babies and all).

It's a win-win-win.

THE NANNIES get to live at our house for free. As a bonus, they get to hang out with the two coolest parents (yep...I'm sure they agree with that) and the two craziest little boys in Missouri! Actually, they might just get to learn what NOT to do as far as parenting is concerned, but we are still learning, too.

WE get free childcare from some of the best college girls you'll ever meet, and we don't have to drive the kids anywhere or pick them up after a long crazy day at work. That saves us around $800-900 per month, and as a bonus for us, we get clued in to some of the trendy things college kids are doing, such as...

  • listening to Need To Breathe (and going to concerts on a school night!)
  • watching "Catfish" 
  • eating Oikos Greek Yogurt (YUM) and Voila! meals
  • wearing cool-kid clothes
And Brody and Brecken get to play, play, play all day long, without even leaving the house or changing out of PJs. 

Now, if only we could work out a deal with a cook and a maid! 


  1. Man this sounds appealing to me. We should probably talk when we finally get our sweet one home. I want to know how you make this work. We are planning on a new house this summer and I'd love to be able to house/shepherd some girls and get some childcare out of the deal too! I bet those girls are the most blessed in the world to see such a beautiful family in action.

  2. What a blessing. My mom watches Hudson (mine) and Gavin (my twins son)at our house. It has been the biggest blessing to us as well. It always makes you feel so much better knowing who REALLY is taking care of your child(ren) and not having to pack them up to take them in the mornings etc. Plus free daycare is the best considering the most recent costs for childcare is outrageous in my opinion. Your boys are both adorable. I love following your blog and reading your journey with adoption. We would love to adopt in the future.

  3. Jess, it has seriously been one of the best decisions we've made as a family. It seems to work well for all of us, and if it ever doesn't work out for everyone we can talk and readjust. There are almost always great college students looking for free living, and we are happy to be able to help that situation as well.

    Last year, we took Brody to one of my friends for childcare, and she was GREAT, too...this is just so much better for the convenience and free-ness! :o)

  4. PS - My parents watch the boys one day a week, which is also awesome because my parents say they love it (although I know it can be exhausting!), and Brody LOVES going to "MeMaw and PaPaw's house" (asks to go all the time!).

  5. This is so fun!!! Find us a basement house with white trim and sign me up! Chris has mentioned wanting homeless people living in our basement... This feels a little safer.