Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Myth: Adoption is so expensive (Part 2)

Got ANOTHER bill from our hospital today: $26, 261 and change for my 12 days in the hospital awaiting Brecken's early delivery. Brecken's hospital bill:Over $88,000!

That's over $114,000 for child delivery, and we get new bills for physical therapy, occupational therapy, eye exams, etc, every day. 

And the shots Brecken gets monthly to help prevent RSV (which can be extremely dangerous for preemies)?? $4,000+ EACH

Brody's adoption total neared $50,000. 

Sooo, adoption doesn't seem too expensive now, does it? :o)

Thankfully, we have insurance to cover most expenses. We are just meeting deductibles like a boss! 

(Brecken at 4 days old, taking in my Granny.)

Have you figured it out yet? Money is nothing.

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