Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long weekend

it was a three-day weekend, and that changed everything.

example: sunday we saw santa driving home from church on the highway. (he must vacation in branson.)

license plate: "santas" 

i was so glad he rolled his window down to give me the thumbs up.
i felt really weird taking his picture before he gave me the ok.

normally, on a sunday, we would look at this situation and say, "meh...cool." however, today, it made us downright giddy. why? because we didn't have to go to work the next day. i can't even describe to you how freeing it is to know that you don't have to spend a sunday getting ready for the week. instead, we enjoy the little things, like santa.

then there was the archery tournament on saturday. had this been a normal--i.e. short-- weekend, you'd better believe i'm using my time to get the house in shape (which is never achieved, but whatev) instead of doing something extra, BUT since i had an extra day i took the boys to see the bows in action at the archery tournament at the junior high in bradlee's district. (brad volunteered to help out.) brody loved it and asked for his bow all day long. brecken loved he extra attention.

we are not sponsored by graco, but maybe we should be. call us, graco. we will be adopting lots of kids, so we'll bring you lots of business. right, bradlee?

saturday night, we left the boys with brad's aunt and uncle and went to the zac brown band concert; we were out until 11:30. this normally doesn't happen on a saturday night when we have school coming up because i am always thinking, "when am i going to catch up on sleep before monday?" with two boys, the answer is "never;" however when i know i have an extra day to think about taking a nap, i'm in. (zbb was amazing, by the way. that is real talent. they could probably make "call me maybe" actually sound good...a huge feat, if you ask me.)
1. my main purpose in putting this pic up is to show how this doesn't even look like me. who is that?
2. these concert seat neighbors were nicer than they appear.

**i feel like the zbb concert might warrant its own post entitled 'the 5 people you see at a concert.' that might be in the works. 

went hiking sunday. brody loved it. brecken loved it, too, but mostly because he was being held the whole time.

as you may have read sunday night, president's day was "get stuff done"day. I've highlighted the stuff we got done in blue and the stuff i made excuses about in yellow.  

screw in wall-hooks in brody's closet 
finish staining an oversized ruler for ashley

burn trash (kinda done...burned some stuff but not everything...too windy!)

clean out garage

finish all laundry loads (BOOM!! the closet shelving system fell down after i put clothes away, to which responded "that's why getting all laundry clean at the same time is unnecessary.")

post online pics of the barnwood we are selling - tried. pics weren't on the camera where we thought they were. 

create new wall art for our bedroom - bought it instead. what person, who works and has 2+ kids, has time for this?!

crossfit workout - no, but i did do tons of situps and stairs while doing laundry (in basement) and trying to get brecken to sleep...that kid has to be moving! i'm going to count this as halfway done. 

remove big wooden bench from deck - forgot about this one

clean out car - eh.

figure out what's wrong with my body (knee, rib, neck). might be related to above-mentioned crossfit or two-under-two or this long to-do list) - figured it out. i'm old. 

make homemade baby food for fatty/diva/Brecken/"bwecken" - carrot-pear-lettuce, anyone? 

finish organizing brad's office - didn't even attempt

sweep floors of entire main level - picked up tons of toys. i count this one. 

clean and sanitize trashcans (seriously, they all smell a lot like baby pee.) - so fresh and so clean clean!

secretly cut brad's hair - he didn't feel great yesterday, so i didn't want to make him feel worse by pulling a delilah.  

buy fabric for 3 in-progress projects - nope. 

clean bathrooms - "good enough" clean, which is as good as it gets sometimes. 

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