Friday, February 8, 2013

pics from last week

this is brody's first time in big church. he liked the singing but once he saw the basketball goals he couldn't get them off his mind. "basketball? basketball?" then (whispering) "!" he's seen kids playing basketball there for upward bound, so every time we pull into the parking lot he says "basketball game?" 

brecken and i had some bonding moments while changing his diaper...

brody learned to blow a whistle (for real). he used to just squeal near the whistle, thinking he'd done it, but he's figured it out for real now (which means all the whistles are now hidden).

random, but these are some volleyball players i took to visit some elementary schools. they hijacked my phone and took embarrassing pics of themselves. paybacks, my friends.

speaking of volleyball, brody LOVES "voll-balls" and has to hold as many as possible when he's in the car.

and here's fatty. this was just his third time eating solids. he ate two canisters, then drank 6 ounces of milk. FAT-TY.

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