Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conversations with Brody

As you might imagine, conversations with an almost-two-year-old can be highly entertaining, particularly when said two-year-old can be chatty.

I could tell tons of stories about our funny conversations with Brody, but this is my favorite.

Me: Brody, where were you born?
Brody: ummm, k'tucky (Kentucky)
Me: Yes! and where did you grow?
Brody: Mommy's heart
Me: That's right! Brody grew in Mommy's heart! And where did Brecken grow?
Brody: Mommy's belly

Melt my heart!! We've been working on these details for a few days, and he got the facts straight quickly (So smart!).

This is the beginning of our real conversations with Brody about adoption. He sees pictures of himself and his birth mom from when he was born, and we thank God for "Birthmom 'Jane' (as we'll call her here)" in our prayers at night.

What a sweet boy with a sweet story to be told.

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