Tuesday, January 29, 2013

pics of last week

brecken...this looks like he fell asleep with a cigarette in his mouth. (he is naked because he was SWEATING all day!)

brody...this picture makes me insanely sad, but this is his first major bloody lip and nose, so it needed to be documented. he had just been having a crazy-fun time jumping on the bed, then boom...barrel-rolled off and landed straight on his face. oh so sad. i did, in fact, google how tell if a nose is broken (there's really no way to know unless something is sticking out or it's pushed all the way to one side, btw.) blood dripped all the way down to his diaper and all over me. he's all good now, and he got popsicles and ice cream right after this pic was taken, so didn't take him long to get back to happy. 

brecken...in the gym. watching dad play basketball. we want our kids to be in the gym as often as possible. it's good for 'em to run around (or just experience it, like brecken did).

brody...BIG BOY UNDIES. i feel like he should be holding one arm in the air with a superhero "dut-dut-dah!" playing in the background. (no, people, he's not potty-trained...we are working there slowly, but brad and i are really good at dancing like idiots when he does go "peepee" or "poopoo" in the potty. (yes, "Doggie" is wearing big boy undies, too.

and now for a series my husband refers to as "my wife's husbands." there's really no explaining this except to say that we had an agreement: we would take couple's pics to document the bearded awesomeness, then he would shave. so, he documented the shaving to share with everyone. lucky you.

now that's a wild saturday night!

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