Sunday, September 16, 2012


if you've been reading this blog for any length of time you've realized that "sporadic" doesn't even begin to describe my posting timeline. sometimes i write twice a day; sometimes i write twice a year. that schedule is a microcosm of the crazy life we lotz's live. nothing is ever really predictable, as evidenced by the crazy adoption we began 18 months ago and the crazy birth of our second son 8 weeks ago (i was due to give birth next Saturday!)

by way of a quick update, we did meet our adoption fundraising goal, thanks to the RIDICULOUSLY selfless donations from friends and family. i don't know if any of you have ever received something amazing that you don't even remotely deserve (i mean, AMAZING, miraculous things), but there is no way to say thank you enough. we have received gifts like that over and over throughout the past 18 months, and i'm not just talking about monetary gifts.

as for the new kid in town, his name is brecken and i suppose he got tired of dealing with me 24/7 and thus decided he wanted OUT. my water broke at 29 weeks and i dilated to a 6 with contractions 2 minutes apart without even knowing it. after the doctors slowed contractions (by putting me on a muscle relaxer that made fish painted on posters actually swim) and gave me some steroids to develop brecken's lungs, i spent 10 days on complete hospital bed rest and antibiotics until i finally convinced a doctor to let me have a real shower (in a wheelchair). i went into labor an hour after the shower and probably ruined the chances of any future pregnant ladies on bed rest to take showers for years to come.

labor came fast, but the doctor (who i happened to know through family connections and who used to live next to my parents) gave me something to slow it down (in case it was false labor). then she discovered i had an infection (which was inevitable, with a torn amniotic sac, even with the antibiotics) when i began feeling really ill, chilly, shaky and feverish. sooo, when the slow-down drugs wore off she was ready with a speed-up drug so the baby wouldn't be harmed by the infection. he came quick...the anesthesiologist almost got his tail kicked for taking his sweet time, but i think Coacher (who quit i'll have to come up with a new name for him) had a man-crush on him. you might get the full story on that later.

11:52 PM: Brecken Bybee Lotz was born, weighing in at 3 pounds, 13 ounces and stretching to a lengthy 17.5 inches. despite the horror stories and warnings about the myriad of health problems that are possible with preemies, brecken was a champ and only had assistance breathing for a bit while he adjusted to his new world. he stayed in intensive care for 5 weeks (brody came home from kentucky at 6 you see a trend?) and finally came home with a heart/respiratory monitor (which has not noted any problems with him...yay!).

i knew he looked little bitty at the time, but when i compare the pics from his first day to the more recent ones i realize he was CRAZY small. and thin!

this is the day he hit 4 pounds:

last Sunday, when he probably weighed at least 7 pounds (notice the cheek difference!!): 
 brody loves him. LOVES him.

we are still getting used to our newest version of our crazy life, but it's going to be a fun ride.