Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the past 7 days have been nothing short of eventful for the lotz household. we officially finalized Brody's adoption (hallelujah!), worked with our friends to run a huge (larger than we ever expected) garage sale, and then found out what Baby #2 will be (more on that in a second). throw in there a few baseball games, gathering large furniture donations for the garage sale, and a gender reveal party, and you have yourself a busy and excited family.

i'll start with the adoption finalization: Coacher, myself, Brody, and plenty of our family members met at the circuit courthouse in our city and met with the judge to get this thing done. it was basically a formality, but it was quite a thrill to check it off the list and get this crazy road of adoption behind us.

we didn't really know how to dress for the occasion. i wore a dressy outfit consisting of the few clothes i can still fit into, brad wore a long-sleeve button down shirt with khaki SHORTS and running shoes (pretty much my fault...didn't realize he didn't have long khakis), and brody wore his khakis and a polo. he looked the best out of everyone, by far. anyway, on to the courthouse experience. we sat in a small courtroom about two feet from the judge, yet our lawyer had to ask for permission to approach the judge. it's this sort of thing that makes me weary of the judicial system in general. REALLY? she had to ask for permission to take two steps forward? anyway...

Coacher and i both had to take the stand as witnesses. this was news to me, and i have to admit that it freaked me out. mostly, i was worried they would ask questions about what it was like to worry the entire first 6 months of Brody's life. i could just see myself breaking down on the stand into a ball of sobs and snorts. but it was painless. when each of us took our turn, they told us to state our names and then our lawyer asked us leading questions that required only an answer of "yes." all went well until she asked, "do you believe it is in the best interest of this child to remain in your care?" and that's when the chin quiver started (for which i blame the pregnancy hormones), but i was able to hold it together for a meek "yes."

after that, more pomp and circumstance, followed by the judge's decision to name "Charles Brody Cassius Lotz" as our official son. whew. (how big of a shock is that double middle name?  long and short of it: it was the right thing to do.)

then we celebrated with cupcakes and "frosting shots" at a nearby bakery. Brody LOVES icing, so much so that he can even say it and point to indicate he wants more "ice." here's a pic of him enjoying his treat, and another with his cousin. she sometimes likes him. :o) (these pics aren't so great because a little one-year-old i know dropped my phone and the camera is all scratched up..."uh oh.")

on to the garage sale: we had TONS of people we didn't even know donate great items for the sale, and we ended up with a solid $1000 for our family alone. THANK YOU to all who donated items and shopped the sale. i'd call that a huge success.

lastly: the gender reveal. Brody will have a little brother around September of next year. he couldn't care less. (and, for the record, i don't recommend taking a one-year-old to your ultrasound when he's lacking on idealism caught up with me there and it didn't end well.)

we had a small family gathering at my parents' house for a gender reveal cake. Coacher and i found out at the ultrasound what we were having, but we kept it a secret until cutting the cake. people were supposed to wear pink if they thought it would be a girl and blue if they thought boy. votes were 8-6 in favor of believing it to be a girl (including my uncle's iphoned-in vote). i wore blue (with a pink undershirt, just to keep it interesting), and Coacher wore "pink" (mauvey-maroon was as close as he could get). my neice was pretty disappointed the icing was blue (but she still enjoyed the cake).

 (i have other pics on another camera, but i'll post those later.)

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