Wednesday, September 21, 2011


well, if you were following this blog a while ago when things got nasty, crazy, seemingly hopeless, etc., you might have wondered what happened to the updates. i'll tell you: bio father's sister found the blog and i didn't feel comfortable sharing information until all was done. the tough stuff is done now, so i'm telling all (which will probably take me several might very well get bored, but this blog is more for me to get it out than it is for you to read.)

the short version of the story: we waited a long time after finding out the guy in jail was the bio father and taking him to court to prove he was incapable of being a father. in that court, a judge terminated bio father's rights. he appealed. we waited more. then we waited even longer for the judge to rule again. the judge stuck with his decision, then we waited 30 days to find out if bio father would appeal again (which would take the case to the kentucky court of appeals, the highest court the case could have reached). we assumed he would appeal again, because he somehow got a 3-year-old baby with his genetic makeup (who he had never even visited before) to live with him to try to make himself look like a responsible father in the judge's eyes (but that information was inadmissable in court since the judge could not take the bio father's current situation into consideration.)

anyway, august 18, my first day of school, was the last day he could appeal. at the end of the day, there still wasn't any paperwork from him at the judge's office, but we still couldn't say that we were 100% sure he didn't appeal. so we waited until the next day. still nothing from him, but our lawyer wanted to triple check the next monday. so we waited another weekend with high hopes, and on monday morning we found out our lawyer had to have an emergency appendectomy, so he wasn't in the office to check. after about a week without hearing anything, we finally decided we were safe to exhale and finally believe that Brody would become ours officially.

i don't know if i can even describe to you how it felt to know this crazy ordeal was over and we would officially become Brody's parents (he had been our son in our eyes for a long time, but we weren't sure it would ever be "official"). or how it felt when we got the first phone call that the judge in the original ruling had terminated the guy's parental rights (it seemed so hopeless).
in the next few weeks i will be sharing more details that very few people have heard (including a few emails from kentucky and an emergency court hearing involving an overnight drive to the most corrupt town in kentucky), as well as some thoughts i have about adoption in general.
Praise God. seriously. we praise God.


  1. Oh friend, thank you for this update. I had been praying but was unsure where things stood. What a blessing. We are almost officially on the waitlist for a child from Ethiopia. I would love to hear more about your thoughts on adoption and on domestic in particular. So glad your family is "officially" three (we've known it's been official where it counts for a long time).

  2. I am so excited for you! Adoption is such an amazing thing, whether your do it domestically or internationally. We have other friends who are on the wait list for a child from Ethiopia...have you ever thought about the fact that YOU ARE SAVING A CHILD (not to mention that you're gaining a great gift yourself)!? So AMAZING! I would say the best part about adopting internationally is that it's highly unlikely that a biological father will come forward midway through the process. :o)