Tuesday, April 19, 2011


ok, so a quick update a request for more prayers...

today we learned that our icpc request has been APPROVED by kentucky. (the other day the lawyer told us we had about a 1% chance it would be approved). missouri will have to approve it, too, in order for us to go home, but we are encouraged by the approval. we are hoping and praying that missouri will say, "ok then; if kentucky says it's ok, it's ok with us." the Lord willing, we should hear from the missouri office in a few days. (the family in whose basement we are staying prayed last night SPECIFICALLY that we would get to go home in the next few days. [they say it's not because they are tired of us .])

today we also learned that brody's DNA test is set up for tomorrow at 2 pm. we had scheduled one for monday in order to expedite the process, but that was through a private company that we were going to have to pay for ourselves. last week we found out from the county attorney that they were going to set up the DNA tests for us and the birth father was going to pay for it. yesterday they told us they set up brody's DNA test for MAY 7(!!!), but the birth mother's lawyer worked really hard to get the date pushed up. the potential birth father and the birth mother both have appointments for DNA testing on thursday, so things are moving there. and i guess the good news is that we don't have to pay.

and now more on the potential birth father...today the birth mother was going to visit the jail where he is incarcerated to tell him about us and show him our adoption profile. i talked to her for quite a while about it, and she is doing it so that hopefully he can see what kind of people we are and trust that we care deeply for this baby. as someone put it in a comment on this blog, we love him FIERCELY. anyway, she was unable to visit him today because he is a state prisoner and visiting days for those are not until thursday and/or friday. she left her name on a phone card for him to call her, and when he does she is going to give him coacher's phone number. it may seem a bit nuts, but isn't this whole situation? if he calls (that would be huge), i trust that God will give coacher the words to say.

the birth mom is going to go back thursday to try to talk to him again. she says he is easily influenced by others and that his family has put him up to this. if nothing else, i will be writing him and possibly his family a letter and sending it to him along with our adoption profile. we are hoping that he will see something positive about an adoption and choose it for brody. as i wrote earlier, we know that God can change hearts, and that is what we are begging him to do here. please continue to keep this situation in your prayers.

the birth mother is from a very small town and she is enduring all sorts of ridicule for her decision to put brody up for adoption. each day she makes a decision to remain strong and deal with nasty rumors. she told me again today she knows she made the right decision and that is what keeps her going. the long waiting process is tough on her, so please continue to keep her in your prayers.


  1. PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm glad that things seem to be moving along. Hopefully you guys can come home soon :) I know you want to bring Brody home and show him off. Can't wait to see him and you again. Please keep us updated.

  3. Hey this is Sara's SIL (Gretchen) and we are praying for you all.

  4. So thankful that God is on your side. These praises are proof of God's goodness.
    Praying for you guys!!!