Saturday, April 9, 2011

a new "home"

on thursday evening brody and i moved into a new "home." we are still out of state, but it is much more of a home than a hotel room ever was. we had spent over 3 weeks in the same hotel room. (whoa.) it's crazy to even think about that now, and although i know for a fact that i didn't like it one bit, i think the Lord has helped me forget how much i really did hate it and how long i was there. it's a bit of a blur in my memory, except for the parts about brody, our visitors, and coacher's visits. those memories are very clear.

we are now staying in the basement of the sweetest couple in all of the south. since they don't know about the blog i will refer to them as j & l. they adopted a son from Guatemala through the same agency we are using, and our agency put us in contact with them. they live in a beautiful house in the country (it's actually very similar to what we've been looking at (coveting?) for a home of our own back in missouri. here are our headquarters in the house:

pretty homey, huh? and there's a refrigerator, microwave, and toaster oven down here (but not within 3 feet of the bed, like in the hotel). it's the little things.

as for an update, we have had several visitors this past week. my parents were in town for 10 days as coacher went back to coach. coacher's sister and her family also came up to visit and provide some much-needed comic relief and perspective. my sister-in-law and niece also came in for a visit....

(she looks good with that bottle...maybe my niece needs another little brother or sister?)

anyway, back to thursday. we got all packed up to move brody and i into the basement of this new place, and when my dad turned the key the car wouldn't start. we got a hotel maintenance guy to try to start dice. my mom called aaa, they came and jumped it on the first try. as they were on their way, brody had a dirty diaper, so i went up to change him and "the brody fountain" (as my dad calls it) went off and i had to change all of his clothes. anyway, we took the car to sears to get it fixed, but they didn't have the right starter to fix it and had to order it in. it would be there at 5 thursday night, so we walked from sears to our hotel (back to the hotel AGAIN!) to wait. good grief. then my dad walked back to pick up the jeep. (what would i do without my parents?!)

as for the whole scope of the adoption, we finally got in contact with the birth mother's attorney (and we are all basically fighting the same fight and, therefore, on the same team), who was able to answer plenty of our questions and be very straightforward with us. (we had called at least 30 different people in 2 different states for answers and gotten nothing...) he said we can order (and pay for) a dna test for this chump in jail, so he and our agency should be getting on that after he has a chance to talk to the birth mother about the chump's attitude toward it. for a few days there, the birth mother was unable to be contacted, which freaked us out a bit. turns out her phone has been on the fritz, but it was enough to make me nauseous for a while.

we also got into contact with one person at our agency back home who was able to get things rolling on the icpc paperwork, which gives us hope that brody and i can come back to missouri very soon. together, emily (the beacon of hope at our agency back home) and the birth mother's attorney have made the head of icpc aware of our situation and have worked very hard to push paperwork through. (this after i emailed someone at our agency back home BEGGING for help since no one at our agency here seemed to care.) the attorney said the head of icpc seems to be sympathetic to the situation, but she will be out until tuesday. the prayer is that the paperwork is on her desk when she gets back and that she can convince the secretary of child welfare to sign off on it (this is a must, and she is a stickler, apparently). please pray specifically for their favorable judgment in this situation.

a side note on the potential birth father: many people in my family have seen his picture and compared his features to brody's, and their verdict is that Brody doesn't look a thing like him. we just need to get the dna test DONE and go from there. my prayer is that God takes him out of the picture entirely and gives us Brody permanently.

here is a picture of Brody's actual daddy:

coacher got to come back to visit us yesterday after 10 days away. 10 days was forever! (but for some perspective, imagine what our service men and women go through when they miss their children being born, talking, walking, etc. wow. THANK YOU for serving our country. that is a HUGE and unimaginable sacrifice.)

i will end it for now with is brody's 1-month birthday, and he got his picture taken with the Easter bunny to celebrate:

that's the little snuggle bunny with the big Easter bunny. they got along really well.


  1. I cried at the sight of little Brody and Coacher!

    The Lord is so good to us! I am continuing to pray that this process be expedited and that I can meet little Brody very soon!

    Love y'all!

  2. Coach, I've been following your blog for a while now and I just wated to tell you how proud I am of you guys! You're such strong testaments to really relying on the Lord for daily bread. As tears come to my eyes reading your blog, they roll down my cheeks because of your steadfast faith in the Lord and in His grace. You're in my prayers for sure! Love you!