Friday, April 1, 2011


the newest update (as briefly as possible). the potential father was sentenced to 90 days in prison today for his two counts of meth trafficking. what a joke. cops worked for over a year to nail these guys, and then the meth-heads only got 3 months in jail. that is a disgrace.

but it is what it is. coacher and i were both as close to vomiting as it gets as we awaited the outcome of his trial this morning, because he could have made a plea bargain and received parole only. that would have been worse (for us). i looked at his picture on the jail webpage (it popped up as i was searching for other people who were involved in the big drug bust). brody seems to have some of his features.

also, he was finally served the paperwork for involuntary termination of parental rights. now he has 20 days to make a decision. his decision might be to wait 19 days and then say he wants parental rights, and it seems as thought we can't do anything about it.

monday afternoon we have a meeting with one of the lawyers involved in the case, and we are hoping to get some answers from her. one lawyer and the two case workers that have worked with us at our adoption agency will be on vacation all of next week (one of them out of the country), which makes it very difficult for me to believe that they are "working on this like it's our own child" as they told us the other day in our meeting as i sobbed into my clenched fists. am i angry? yes i am.

but coacher and i will get through it, and we will love this baby forever.

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  1. Hi friend. Just a comment to let you know you and little Brody and his birth family are in my prayers. God is always in control, even when it doesn't feel like it. Praying for a swift conclusion so you can get that baby to his home.