Monday, April 25, 2011

GOOD Friday

we had a Good Friday Miracle (how could i have ever doubted?)! our agency called us friday morning to tell us missouri had approved us to come home with brody. wa-hoo! we packed up all of our stuff and wrapped a tarp around a large load on top of the car and booked it home (while obeying all speed limits, of course). i cannot describe to you the feeling i had when we crossed the state line into missouri. no more hotel, no more 7-hour drives back and forth for my husband, no more pondering brody's future while waiting to hear from someone about the situation. i would say no more basement living but 1 -- i was happy to be in a basement compared to a hotel, and 2 -- we are still living in my parents' basement. (revert to earlier post about selling our house and not finding a new one before we had to move out if you'd like more information about needless to say we are still looking for a house.)

AND we got to spend Easter with family. brody was lookin' fly. and he was pumped...

anyway, we are back and the world is as it should be for a while. j & l, who brody and i stayed with in kentucky, prayed specifically for us to get clearance to come home for Easter, as did several other people we know, including several people who read this blog. well, we need more of your prayers. we are waiting for dna test results to come back. if brody is a match with the man in prison, we pray the Lord will soften his heart to us and make an adoption plan. if they are not a match, HALLELUJAH (provided someone else doesn't come forward wanting another dna test)! please pray specifically for this man's heart to be softened. and pray for brody's birth mother. she has been going to church lately and put us on a prayer list, and she said she got to watch her daughter sing in the Easter service, so we are hopeful that she is seeing God in all of this. she knows we have people from california to japan praying, and that's encouraging for her.

and now a short word of thanks: we have been shown kindness and generosity by so many people throughout this. thank you to all of you who have taken time to write, call, email, facebook message, etc. your words have been such an encouragement to us. we have also had an anonymous donation and a large donation from our the college ministry. THANK YOU. you know who you are.


  1. What a blessing he is in MO! He is just precious. I love his cute outfits in this pic. Where are you looking at buying? There are a couple nice houses in our neighborhood but not sure which area you are looking. I am praying that the man in prison is not a match and the mom will continue on the path of letting this child be with his forever parents! PRAYING PRYAING PRAYING for you, your husband, sweet Brody, and the birth mother and father. God bless!

  2. Praise the Lord! I'm so happy!!!! Next time I visit Mo I'm coming to meet Mr. Brody Lotz!!!! (and Jenny too) I love you guys and I'll continue to pray.