Tuesday, March 22, 2011

snuggle monster

this is brody's new nickname. this kid hates to be exposed, out there, free, and vulnerable. he'd much rather be snuggled, like this:

and he can't really sleep unless he feels some part of someone else touching him. as i type, he is snuggle-sleeping with his "Memaw" and dreaming sweet baby dreams. last night, he did a little bit of cuddling with her as well. can you see the smile on his face in this picture?

and of course he has done some major cuddling with his Daddy:

(i would say i have this "proud mama" thing figured out, wouldn't you?)

and now for some serious stuff. this is an open adoption, which were not prepared to take part in. however, now that we have met his birth mother we know that she needs the openness so that she will know she made the right decision in making an adoption plan. that is not too much to ask of us, especially considering the gift she is giving us! we regularly communicate her to let her know how much brody is being loved, which is good, but at the same time we are feeling very vulnerable ourselves (and we hate this feeling as much as little brody does). she could still change her mind before our court date! he is a beautiful baby and she knows it (because we send her pictures). her friends are trying to convince her that she should keep him, and her family is trying to convince her to let them take care of him. she knows we can love him and give him plenty of opportunities, and she has been very gracious, mature, and selfless throughout the situation, but there is still that small chance. sooo, we are anxiously awaiting next tuesday when the gavel goes down and he adoption is finalized.

so please continue to pray for God's hand in this. we know that His plans are perfect.

(PS - I have made a few edits to my previous post. and if any of you are wondering why i said we were doing a bi-racial adoption and he looks white in his pics it's because his birth mom and birth dad were both bi-racial, and he is extremely light-skinned. i guess i'll have to hold off on the crazy hairdos i was planning.)


  1. I wish I lived closer to where you are now Jenny, I would love to talk to her. Let her see what happens 29 years after her decision is made. She needs to understand what a truly amazing and selfless gift she is giving Brody. If my mother had decided to keep me my life would have been so different, I am so blessed that she had enough courage do give me the greatest gift. A chance at a life she could have never provided. I am so blessed in so many way but it all stems from the fact that I was given to Earl and Susie Morgan. They are fabulous parents and I am forever greatful to my birth mother for the courage to make the right decision.
    You are going to be a wonderful mother because you have some fabulous women in your life that set outstanding examples for you. I am so proud of you Jenny, I will continue to pray for you and your family. God will take care of you, trust in him!
    Love you and I can't wait to meet Mr Brody!
    Amanda (Morgan) Hall

  2. just read this and your last post.

    my heart anxiously awaits march 29th, as i your does too, and i am praying for that peace for brody's birth mom, and for her salvation.

    what a wonderful mother you will be. :)

  3. thanks so much for reading, posting, and praying, girls. amanda, what you wrote was beautiful, and if your parents haven't read it they should. please continue to pray, as we have new information that a man has approached the birth mother and wants to take a paternity test. she says he is not the father, but it still makes us queasy to think about that possibility. we trust that God is in control, but our hearts are pleading with Him to give us this boy to bring home forever.

  4. Praying for you girlie. Open adoptions can be a blessing on both ends, if you need any info, just ask =) Praying for that momma, so thankful that she is fighting for what is best for her boy. Praying she continues to do so. 4 more days, you are in my thoughts constantly.