Sunday, March 27, 2011


little lotz has acquired a vast array of nicknames:

1. snuggle monster (as discussed earlier)

2. big chief potty pants - i bet you can guess why, but what you don't know is that this is the nickname given to my brother by the hospital nurses when he was born. technically, this makes little lotz "big chief potty pants II." (this has got to be one of my brother's most proud moments.)

3. hotel baby - this tuesday (when we leave, Lord willing), brody and i will have been in this hotel 13 days. (in that time we have seen snow, sleet, hail, tornado warnings, 70-degree days, and an evening fire alarm!). the staff here has accepted him as their own, and when we come down to the lobby we usually have at least a few staff members asking about him or wanting to hold him. the housekeeping staff is AWESOME, always working around our schedule (which is basically just brody's sleeping schedule). also, the manager is adopting a child from taiwan soon, so he was excited to have us (and i'm pretty sure he had something to do with lowering the hotel rate for our extended stay).

4. squeaker or beaker - he makes a lot of funny squeaky noises. (beaker is from the muppet babies cartoons that i used to watch growing awesome. look him up.)

we continue to pray that we will get to come home with him soon so he can accumulate more nicknames from our friends and family. our court date for parental rights is tuesday, after which we will meet with his birth mom again, then we can leave this county! we'll head closer to home and coacher will go all the way home to coach baseball until we get clearance to exit the state.

side note: we received some discouraging news last wednesday about the potential for a "possible" birth father wanting to take a paternity test. it made us sick to our stomachs, but we haven't heard anything since then and we think he was just trying to stir stuff up with the birth mother. please continue to pray for her and for the difficult situations she may be in. she is a courageous and strong woman, and we will always be thankful for her decision to place this sweet boy in our care.

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