Tuesday, July 27, 2010

love this house (soon for sale)

i am positive that when we moved into this house in march 2009 i said, "i will never move again." so much stuff! well here we are, just over one year later, and we are close to putting this house on the market. with my new job in branson (have i expounded on how excited i am yet?) and brad working at logrog, it just doesn't make sense for us to live in battlefield, on the other side of the universe from both places. i love this house and would love to have someone build the exact same thing for us again (with hardwood floors next time...that's the only change...well, that and i would move the french doors in our "reading room" to a different wall). anyway, i took some pics to post with our "for sale" ad, and i'm putting them here so i will remember this place well if/when we do move.

there for a while, each time brad came home from somewhere, he found a new paint color on a wall or a new piece of spray-painted decor or furniture. i love to paint.
i guess i was spoiled with this house, because i've been looking at other houses that are for sale, and i always compare them to this one. plus, brad says someone might want to buy our house with the furniture included; i'm not quite ready for that. i probably shouldn't be so attached his "stuff," but we worked hard to find good deals and to put it all together.

and i had so many projects in my head for this place, too! tiling the kitchen backsplash, wallpapering the bathroom, more random art, etc. if only we could just move the whole house. i'm too attached.

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  1. what is the address in battefield (you can send me a private message if you want). How big is the house? what size garage? We are looking at houses now in that area.