Monday, June 14, 2010

cleaning out the closet

nope, the title is not a metaphor for life. it's really is going to be about cleaning out the closet. it's not really for you; it's for me. i love to be organized. if i had to choose another profession, "professional organizer" just might be up near the top. i love it THAT much.

we cleaned out the closet this weekend, and i feel so much better about life. i am embarrassed to show the "before," but it also makes me feel better to visibly see how much better it looks.

there is a whole other wall of my clothes that i'm not even going to post because it's so ridiculous to have that many clothes. ridiculous. i should only need about 8 outfits or something. all of my necklaces (i might have 10, at the most...) are hanging from this organizational shelving system. not cool.
brad's stuff - not nearly as many clothes as i have. makes me feel like a terrible wife, but he says he doesn't want anything. AFTER:
i made a little jewelry-hanging doo-dad. now my necklaces are hanging over the side of our shelving system.

notice: folded clothes on top!

and on bottom! and the four bags we gave away. it usually takes me about 3-7 tries to let go of my clothes, which might explain why i still have clothes from high school in my closet. (this might also indicate that i'm a little bit stuck in the early 2000's, which is a whole other problem entirely.) i intend to go through my clothes again in a month or so to see if there's anything else with which i can part. here is my biggest fear: i will give something away and a month later figure out a perfect way to wear it. well, to call that a fear is dramatizing it a bit, but you catch my drift.