Sunday, August 9, 2009

adios days

there's no getting around it: summer is basically over for the lotz family. volleyball and cross country practices start tomorrow, followed closely by the first days of school, first competitions, a large number of college kids coming back to 'the vine' at church (and several events to take place because of that), and my completion of a lengthy research thesis paper for a bump up on the pay scale.

i'll also be attempting to teach freshman reading and english 3 this year, as opposed to the at-risk classes i taught last year. this was a change i was not expecting and a change i was not too happy about, but i'm sure God has a purpose for it so i'll give it my best (without stressing too much, as i am apt to do).

now for the good news: fall also includes fresh temperatures, jeep-top-down rides, fiery leaves, back-to-school purchases, applebutter-making day "down home," and of course new episodes of the office and other favs.

two t-shirt slogan ideas for the vb team: "fresh and fiery" (we are really young, but i'm hoping that translates into something good) and "live like ladies, compete like dawgs" (i just think it's funny, and it should be true).

i'm done.

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