Friday, July 17, 2009

odds and ends

in the process of researching deer and rabbit droppings (don't day you might understand), i came across this picture of a 22 lb. rabbit from germany. wonder if its droppings are bigger than average, too?? anyway...

here's the scoop: this week has been busy. we started by staining and polyunsaturate our new table and bench (still looking for more tall stools...). then i went to lowe's four times in as many days, and i spent my mornings running central volleyball camp. bradlee dug a hole under our sidewalk to connect an underground pipe to our gutter and the sidewalk by the road; two pipes are in the works. he and his buddy began landscaping (building decorative walls in) our yard thursday morning at 7 am, and it's just a few blocks from being complete tonight. our garage has lawn tools, a kayak, a bike, etc. hanging on the wall and looks halfway organized, and we finally got around to putting stuff up in the attic. one wall in our house is brown, another is robin's egg blue, and two are a crazy green color. i love it, and probably would have been too scared to try if it was my own house, but brad's helping me be a better decision-maker and reminding me that i can always paint over it if it looks bad. so far, i think i'm keeping it, even if it is just because i think it makes us a cooler/funkier couple.

we are looking for some somewhat funky-yet-comfy chairs, so if you see any let us know. i kinda like this one and a million others.

i guess this means we are finally settling into our new house. now for those pesky weeds in the yard. it's so out of control i think we are just going to get more dirt from my parent's land out north and start over.

tomorrow i'm getting up around 4 am to go play volleyball in columbia, mo. that seems very silly, even to me.

and monday morning we are headed to puerto vallarta for a long mission trip. what are we doing? oh, just hanging out with people in malls, coffee shops, and university campuses, and probably playing volleyball with strangers on the beach, talking to people and inviting them to parties in which we'll play rock star, etc. i am not exactly sure how to share the gospel in Spanish ("donde est el bano" is all i can remember from nicaragua), but we shall see.

lastly, i have been married for over a year now, and i am a very happy girl. he is really too good to me.

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