Thursday, June 25, 2009

feelin' the heat

okay, i admit it. i am a little bit intimidated by all these new blogging competitors. but i feel the need to write something besides lesson plans and literature reviews (not to mention the fact that my husband has apparently resigned from blog writing), so here goes.

first of all, as i write, we are in the midst of watching nacho libre and making homemade ice cream. we just had very intelligent conversations with our friends, jared and katie, about high-quality sprinkles, the benefits of being teachers, and fainting goats. life is very good.

my dad, by the way, has a little bit of land north of town. he visits the land about every day to work on something, whether it's to build a dock for his new pond, pour concrete for a bridge, or pick up rocks for days and days...he's there working hard. he can do this now because he worked very hard for many many years and has now retired. the man just can't quit working hard, though. anyway, i digress. he says he's going to get some fainting goats for the land. i think that will be oh-so fun. these things just go stiff-legged when they get excited or scared. this, i think, is further evidence that God had a sense of humor when he was thinking of whacky animals to give us for entertainment. (just think what the world would be like if the same thing happened to humans! i would look a fool 90% of the time, and how would i get anything done?)

here's the deal with the rest of the summer: i will finish up with my class soon (shewww!) and only have 2 hours left until i get my master's degree. early july will be filled with visitors, our first anniversary, and two big assignments for my class. then we'll have a few days of nothing, then it's back to the grind with volleyball camp on my part, a mission trip to puerto vallarto, a week off, then it's back to volleyball and cross country practices and school, where i'll be teaching english 3 and reading for strugglers, as well as finishing up the research component of my degree. where did the summer go?

in the midst of the above, we'll try to sell a stinkin' house, do some landscaping, have some adventurous fun, attempt a little p90x, play some sand volleyball, continue helping with the college ministry (coacher was born for this, i tell you...and for coaching, of course), and i will continue to try to come up with good reasons to visit foreign countries. (i think G.W.'s mission trip job is looking pretty good.)

ice cream is ready...and it tastes lovely.


  1. 1) I LOVE FAINTING GOATS! Have you ever seen them during a thunder storm? Watch it on youtube, hilarious.

    2)Let me know about p90x. It looks a little too hard, but Chris and I have looked into it.

    3) I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer SO much, you deserve it.

  2. I see you left out the most important part of the summer, working the fair.