Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Oh, how I do not long for yesterday. (I mostly do this to vent, so pardon me...)

2nd block – Referral #1 was written. There is a young man, we’ll call him Jim. He has been a struggle since day 2. I tell him he needs to do his work, he glares at me with a look that could literally kill. Later I tell him again to stop talking and do his work. He glares again, then stares into space in defiance. I begin writing a referral…always nice to have it halfway written for the next episode. I look up. He’s texting (district policy says no phones from 8-2:50). I go to take it away. “It’s my mom,” he says. “Really? Well, she should know you can’t text, so I have to take your phone.” “Nope, you’re not taking my phone. I’ll just go to the office.” “Ok.” I finish writing the referral with phone details. He’s in ISS today.
3rd block – A boy walks in—we’ll call him Andy—and I tell him to go ahead and get his folder and get started on his work (which he knows to do, since we’ve been doing it since day 1). He blows up. Literally, starts yelling and telling me that I always pick on him. (Yes, I do, because he is always the one who isn’t doing what he’s supposed to do.) I send him to the hall, to which I take my time getting so that he will have some time to cool off.

“Now really, is this worth getting upset about?”
“What’s so terrible that you need to blow up when I tell you to do what you’re supposed to do?”
“You’re always picking on me right when I sit down. I can’t even talk to people in class.”
“Well, you’re supposed to grab your stuff on the way into class, then go ahead and get started on the work. (He’s a senior and has only 7 more days to finish his credit recovery work, so yes, I am a slave-driver, but I’d like him to graduate. “And yes, I do pick on you, but I also ‘pick on’ people who aren’t doing their work, which is usually so-and-so and so-and-so, and you.”
Details about his work habits are discussed…
“What would be a better way to handle your frustration…I mean, erupting in anger can’t really be very helpful, can it?”
“No, but sometimes when you get onto me you are snappy and I just can’t handle the way you talk you very well. I don't mean to offend you...”
“I get snapped at every day. Do you think that it would do me much good if I blew up every time a kid snapped at me?”
“No…but like now, you’re talking to me in a soft voice.”
“And that is such a terrible way to talk? So what would be a better way to handle this?”
“You let me go to the counselor.”
“Andy, I have let you go to the counselor to work or talk 3 times in the last week.”
“No you haven’t.”
He is yelling and pacing now… “If you knew the bad week I’ve had you would understand.”
“Ok, that’s important information. If you could explain that to me I would understand you better.”
He then goes on to explain that his girlfriend is in the hospital with an extra chromosome or something. I later got an email from our counselor, saying that the boy’s girlfriend or their baby-in-womb might have a serious problem. Well, that explains it. Andy later came back to apologize for his actions and for erupting, then to explain the situation.
“Wouldn’t it have been much easier if you would have explained that in the beginning? Now I understand…” Geez. Pray for them.

6th block – Referral #2 for Myspacing on district computers, which I have continually reminded the girl about. CONTINUALLY.

Referral #3 for a boy, we’ll call him Kyle. He was reading his leisure book, as he usually tries to do, and I took it away. (He should be working on math…). He said he wasn’t going to work on it, but I gave him a few minutes or so to reconsider. Instead, he took out his doodle book and began drawing. I told him he needed to work on his math. He got up, slammed his stuff in the stack by the wall, and walked out of the room, saying, “I’m dropping out.” To this, I had no response. I just acted like it didn’t happen. He explained himself in a note to the counselors. Something about it not being his fault. “People just don’t understand that he keeps knowledge in his head.” Oh, if that’s all it is then we should just go ahead and pass him through high school.

Only 18 days left. Not that I'm counting.


  1. I'm so glad when you post days like these - sometimes I feel that I'm the only one having ridiculous arguments with students!

    I tried a Sam's pretzel tonight, and you were right - Delicious!

  2. Oh God bless you! I have 11 days... The children are cursing (seriously, 9 and 10 year olds dropping all kinds of bombs), the talking is uncontrolable, papers are misplaced, and in the midst of all, field trips, park days, spelling bees, sports days, talent shows, parent fun days, and all kinds of enjoyable events (cough cough) are taking place. And I promise if I hear one more person say, "Oh well at least you get three months off" I will go off. Sorry for the venting... sometimes it is needed, I am sure you understand. haha