Monday, May 11, 2009

oh monday

first conversation this morning:
boy who comes in every morning at 7:30: good morning, mrs. lotz. how are you?
me: good.
him: are you okay? you don't look like you got much sleep last night.


(my eyes were red and lately i've felt like i could sleep for days...)

he is actually a really nice boy. sometimes things just don't come out right.

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  1. I always remind myself that kids really are caring when they say stuff like this... that they just haven't quite learned all the rules of adult ettiquette yet. Their honesty is "Charming" is what I tell myself. Because, really, we adults aren't always honest and don't always have best of intentions. :)

    BTW, I am very, very excited to have you and Brad with us on our big day. I'm still so sorry that I had to be in Michigan for yours! :(