Monday, March 16, 2009

life in numbers

3/5 - number of fights at school / days last week

4.5 - school days til Spring Break

3 - times coacher has forgotten my birth date

0 - number of times coacher has forgotten shooter's birth date (coacher will debate this, but it's true when you look at the bare facts…i’m not offended or mad. i just like to pester him about it.)

8 - number of weekends in february and march

.5 - number of free weekends we have/had in february and march

1 - number of referrals i wrote first semester

3 - number of referrals i have written so far in the 3rd quarter alone

13 - average number of times i went to the YMCA per month in January and February

9 - average number of times i saw "the barenaked lady" at the YMCA (how uncomfortable! she is there m/w/f, by the way...i now try to do most of my YMCA workouts Tuesday and thursday...)

7 - my fav number

3 - number of hours i napped last sunday (i usually don't take naps...)

6 - number of hours left until i have a master's degree.

8.31 - number of months we've been married.

8.31 - number of months i've felt cherished by my husband.

5 - number of times we had to re-do the new yard because it failed inspection due to "dirt clumps" and "dirt on the sidewalk." it was february, for pete's sake.

4 - number of track athletes i'm responsible for this spring. (distance ‘em!)

too many to count - number of chapters i'm behind in my daily Bible reading

1 - number of attempts i've made at dave ramsey-style bargaining (does that tell you anything about how successful i was? i should say that i didn't really "bargain," but my attempt was as close as this girl's going to get to bargaining with a sales clerk.

5:35 - average time the lotz household wakes up during the week.

2,276 - number of favors we owe my parents for all the work they've done lately.

this is completely unrelated, but i feel the need to say a little something about words (since i'm a certified english teacher and all):

uncomfortable - i love to hear coacher say this word. he enunciates every syllable.

touch - this is a terrible name for a restaurant. it makes me uncomfortable.

moist - so many people dislike this word i'm not even sure why it's in the dictionary.

spaz - this was my favorite word in middle school

unscum - i don't know the origin of this word in my life, but i usually use it in place of the word "unbelievable." if i don't say it out loud, that doesn't mean i'm not thinking it.

hillen - this partial word can go in from of many other words, and all of them actually make sense to me. weird.

not - i really liked the days when people would say a sentence, pause, and then say "not." it's biblical and everything.