Friday, March 13, 2009

for sale: house and STUFF

we will have two large bookcases, some cookware, a ton of clothes, and lots of other fun stuff for sale tomorrow at our moving sale. come visit us at 1906 S. Maryland (former Lotz home), near National and Sunshine. as a bonus, the whole stinkin' house is for sale, too!

i think we should also have some baby and kids clothes at the sale, because my sisters-in-law have popped out a lot of babies over the years and i think it's probably time they sold some stuff. also, i have managed to fill an ENTIRE room in my parents' house with "stuff" over the last 7 years or so...i hope to get rid of all of it.

if you spend enough money we might just throw in the house as a bonus. it is oh-so cute, but oh-so small for this old married couple and our pets.


  1. So remember the pirex and tupperware I still have. Are those for sale too? I can't wait to see your new house!

  2. haha. i forgot all about those, but we thank you for holding on to them for us...less stuff to move! you will have to come over sometime next week when have spring break!!