Thursday, February 26, 2009

battle of the field

we've finally moved!

after 7 days of battling with the house inspector of battlefield (over our new yard which, by the way, was FROZEN as he told us (and father bybee) to break dirt clumps and even out uneven patches...a very long and frustrating story) and two full days of moving followed by some organizing, i have reached the following conclusions:

1 - i should give away 80% of all my clothes, because it was honestly embarrassing to see how many clothes i really do have. at my final count, i had about 5 items with tags still on them. brad had 2 (one of which i bought him, and one of which was a tie he thought he might have an urge to wear at some point). And sweaters, i didn’t even count the number of sweaters i own (apparently i really like them), but it was shocking to see them all stacked on the same shelf. Who needs this many sweaters? (Particularly when my classroom averages about 82 degrees. i’m not joking. i sweat…) And plates. we are in the process of counting those, but so far we’ve found 12 still in their original boxes.

2 - our old house was definitely too small for us. the new one is over twice the size of the old one, and our furniture and “stuff” has already filled it up.

3 - i don't want to move again in the next 25 years or so. maybe our kids will move out and take a bunch of our stuff with them so we'll never have to move it.

4 - budgets don't really work when you've just bought a house and are moving into it.

5 - we can live without the tv and internet. (i knew this before, but it was reassuring to feel the silence again.

pics to come, but we don't have the internet hooked up at our house yet, so it'll be a little while.

Less than one more week until coacher and i lose our lives to coaching spring sports. wish us and our marriage luck!


  1. It's exciting to move, eh? I'm in the process of packing to move in with Kyle and am going through many of the same realizations that you just discovered... namely about clothing. :)

    When you get a chance, will you email me the new address?

    Love, elizabeth

  2. You are so creative! I just got it... Battle of the Field and you live in Battlefield now, wow!! Can we say long week!? I do miss seeing your Jeeps when I come down Maryland. I know we never got to be social neighbors but it sure was nice knowing you all were down there.