Tuesday, February 10, 2009


40 - the number of dollars coacher and i each get to spend each week in february.
14 - the number of dollars i have left
5 - the number of dollars coacher has left

we both had to get gas, and i am up for another round at the pump soon. eek.

and we are out of ice cream. this could mean trouble.

anyway, we have tweaked the rules of this lovely experiment as we go. for example, "rollover money" (copyright crystal) are now allowed from week to week, provided we ever have money left.

also, if we find money lying around the house, we can use it. (that's what college kids do, right?)

AND if we had prior commitments (vb tournaments, for example) we don't have to take the money out of our weekly allowance.

is that cheating? naahh....

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