Monday, January 5, 2009


the 20-30+ hours (depending on how you look at it) we spent in the car over the break helped to remind me that coacher has some pretty good music on his ipod, thanks to several of you who have contributed actual music or suggestions in the past. HOWEVER,

i am quite sure we are missing some essentials. (not billy joel, though; we have the essential billy joel covered. more on that later...) also, some punk high schooler stole his ipod last year and he still hasn't been able to replenish all of his music.

sooo, i am going to need some people to post some musical recommendations on this blog. what should we have on the ipod? we will take any suggestion, "essential" music or not. in fact, i like the novel stuff that no one's heard.
on a side-but-similar note, i have always liked the idea of a music-sharing party. you know, everyone brings the ipod and a computer to broaden their musical horizons and get some fresh music? but that might be illegal.
thank you in advance for your horizon-broadening (or not) musical suggestions.


  1. oh i don't know, off the top of my head....

    the beach boys - pet sounds

    bob dylan - greatest hits vol. 1,2,3

    dave matthews band - crash or before these crowded streets

    david wilcox - the very best of david wilcox

    derek webb - i see things upside down

    emmylou harris - red dirt girl


    josh rouse - subtitulo

    lauryn hill - mtv unplugged

    lisa loeb - tails

    live - throwing copper

    lyle lovett - anthology vol. 1

    matthew sweet - 100% fun

    pearl jam - ten & vitalogy

    ryan adams - gold

    stevie wonder - song review, greatest hits

    stone temple pilots - purple

    toad the wet sprocket - fear

    tonic - sugar

    u2 - the joshua tree

    waterdeep - live at new earth

    wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot

    these would be my must-haves. and your party idea would be, most likely, illegal. it depends on the artist.

  2. I am all for a music sharing party! (if it's legal) I am on my 4th ipod now and am in need of some music and have no motivation to do this all over again!

  3. forgot....

    coldplay - x&y

    rufus wainwright - want one (want two is good also, just ignore the explicit lyrics warning...)

  4. admin...a very impressive list! even more impressive is the fact that you whipped out that list in about 5 minutes (or so it seemed). looking forward to getting all that music on the pod. i'm pretty sure we currently only have about 5 of your picks.

    crystal - go ahead and sneak down to our house and we'll swap tunes or at least ideas. if i was an artist i'd want people to be talking about me. wouldn't you?

  5. REO is always a must, I love Jon McLaughlin right now, very sappy but sweet, Dave Barnes, Anberlin, OAR, Dierks, The Bravery, Joshua Radin, MIKA, T.I., The Darkness, Hillsong, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, you know the basics. Come on down and steal whatever you like!